Can't recharge Moto X from 0%


This message was posted in August 2017: My moto x battery ran down completely and as I plug a charger into it, it shows a battery with a 1% charge with red line. When I plug in the charger it changes like it is going to book up but then very shortly after that it shuts down and goes through the same cycle again and again. I have used multiple chargers and even let it set all night with no results.

I am having the same problem, but I can’t get a “low battery” screen and can’t get out of the “loop” showing what appears to be a normal boot followed by the battery at either 0% or 1% followed by another boot screen and the the battery level screen again. The phone stays in the loop and I can’t get out of it. Any suggestions?


This is most likely dead battery. Nothing you can do but replace it. The original Moto X is pretty old so be careful when buying a battery since a lot of them are actually used.


I agree with @Burusutazu that it is likely a dead battery. If you can’t break the boot loop by attempting a recovery option or Safe mode boot, then it would seem that the best option is a new battery. The battery in the Moto X is non-serviceable by the user and would need to be returned to Motorola or taken to a cell phone specialty shop for battery replacement. The cost would be around $60-$70 more more. Tough choice, since that money could also be applied to a new phone that runs an updated version of Android and would receive future OS and security updates.


Thanks for the reply. I’ve arranged to have the battery replaced at a local cell phone repair shop.


You may want to ‘check it out’ after the repair using the :motohelp: Moto Help that can be found in the :appsicon:
Use the ‘Fix’ Tab, which will provide ‘Hardware Tests’


Or if you are comfortable taking things apart, it’s really not too big of a deal to replace the battery yourself. There’s some easy to follow online/YouTube tutorials. I replaced my original Moto X battery with a brand new oem version through Amazon for less than $7. My battery wouldn’t hold much of a charge as it’s capacity had significantly diminished and I was charging it multiple times per day. Shortly after changing it I did end up buying a new phone anyway. And while I do miss the refund plan, it’s now worth the few extra $ to have a newer, more modern & much faster phone.


Sorry for being late to the party. I’ve been through the charging loop my fair share of times. From my experience, as long as the phone plugged in to the charger the loop will not end. What has worked for me is to unplug the charger when the restart cycle begins, and you have 1%. As long as the battery has enough juice left, it will start up as normal and then you can continue the charge from there. Definitely can be a pain, but it beats buying a new battery.


Tried that, but the battery didn’t have enough juice for a boot up. So, the new battery is now being installed. Thanks for you feedback.



Having a new battery installed, but may still get a new phone. Thanks for the feedback.


Very I placed an order for a Moto G5S, order # 626-3232154-4421335 on Friday afternoon with next day delivery. I thought my Moto X 1st Gen was dead, but it has been repaired. I’d like to cancel the order, but can not find a place online to do a cancellation. It appears as though the new phone has had a tracking number issued for delivery, but UPS doesn’t show having received the package yet. Is it possible to cancel the order so I can avoid having to do a return


no, you will need to start the return process when you get it…


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