Can't reply to messages

I have a Moto Z Play. I am using the Google default messenger. I am seeing group messages that are sent to me, but I cannot reply to them. Any ideas?

What phone do you have?

What plan are you on?

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

Hi @shawnr - what happens when you try to reply? Has group messages worked before and now you’re having a problem? Have you checked the group messages options?

Sorry for all the questions but trying to gather more information to hep narrow down the issue.

I get an error popup that says, “Republic Wireless Please use a valid number for MMS. (Only US and Canadian phone numbers are supported)”

The group contains about a dozen US phone numbers. I can see all the texts from all the numbers, but when I try to reply, I get the above message

Perhaps this will help Text Not Going Through Due to Error "Please Use a Valid Number" for SMS/MMS – Republic Help
@freddyp, sorry for jumping into the middle, but the response that @shawnr provided to your question sounded familiar to me (a rare event in itself)


@jben - no problem. We’re both working to the same goal of helping @shawnr fix the issue. I was in looking through past solutions when your post came through :smile:

@shawnr - please let us know if the referenced solution fixes the problem!

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@shawnr Were you ever able to track this down?

Nope. Couldn’t figure it out.

Have you engaged in any other group messages that worked? In other words, are you able to replicate this in another group message?

According to the following help article, the limit for recipients of group messages is 10:


This info is inaccurate… my son’s basketball team group chat has 15 numbers including team members and coaches and we’ve had no issues sending and receiving messages on that group to everyone.

You may wish to submit feedback that, in your experience, the help article is incorrect.

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Perhaps one or more of those numbers are with carriers that have been known to have MMS issues with RW.

That information is not entirely accurate. I submitted feedback and participated in testing to get this updated, but it doesn’t appear anyone updated it.

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I’ve also submitted feedback. I’ve personally exchanged MMS with at least 3 companies on that list.

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