Can't search within the messages



I have just recently lost the ability to use the search function, both searching in all messages and within a single conversation. When I click on Search, it goes to a screen with a search box that doesn’t do anything. (Beneath it are icons of photos in the conversation and maybe other people’s contact info.)

How can I get the search function to work again? Thank you!


Try restarting the phone and see if it now works.


Thank you for the suggestion. It didn’t work, however. Other ideas?


Hmm. Please check in Google Play Store for app updates. If the texting
app needs an update, please do the update.


Hi @nicholast.cfcv6v,

Please tell us what app you are using.


I’m assuming you’re using Messages by Google? If so, it’s a known bug:


Yes, it is Google messages. I restarted the phone yesterday, and it still didn’t work. Today the search function appears to be working again. Thanks for the help.


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