Can't select wifi network on updated Moto X4

My Moto X4 was recently updated to Android 9. I have a router and extender and used to manually switch back and forth. Now, I can’t seem to change the wifi network. It always uses the extender even when the router is closer. Also, it won’t forget a network when I tell it to.

I recommend the following steps in the Settings- WiFi screen.

Press and hold on the wireless network.
Tap Forget.

What is happening when you try those steps? Any other details about your issue could be helpful to resolve it.

Nothing happens. The network is still listed under Saved Networks. I was trying to forget the extender to see if it would connect to the router. I think it’s a glitch with Android 9. It says that it uses some sort of google app to search for networks. There’s obviously a flaw.

What about if you tap on saved networks, then from that list tap on the saved network you want to forget, then tap on forget. It should disappear from the saved networks. The testing I was able to just do, showed the network gone from the saved list.

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I decided to restart my phone and now it works! I can select my network and can forget saved networks. It must have been stuck in some strange mode. Thanks everyone for helping me!


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