Can't send a photo from MESSAGES app to email

Neither our Moto Z Play nor Moto G6 phones will send a photo via the MESSAGES app to our email. I opened up the MESSAGES app, clicked on START CHAT, typed in my email address, clicked on SEND TO [e-mail address redacted], clicked on the blue box with camera in front to add an existing photo, clicked on the photo itself, and then clicked on blue MMS icon. A Republic Wireless error message dialog box appeared stating, “Please use a valid number for MMS. (Only US and Candadian phone numbers are supported).” Obviously, I wasn’t typing a phone number…
So, what did I do wrong?
Please send reply to my address listed above.

Hi @arpcath,

You asked your question in our Member Community, where our members help one another. Your E-mail address has been removed from what you wrote, because we don’t want it to be publicly visible on the internet. Any replies you receive by E-mail are being sent by the Community software, and are simply relaying to you the public conversation that is taking place in the topic you posted.

The messages app is intended to send text messages between phone numbers. Republic Wireless does not support text-to-E-mail. If you want to send something to an E-mail address, you would need to instead open the E-mail app and send from there.


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