Can't send multimedia (photos) via messaging


Phone Brand: Moto G
Phone Model: G
Phone Generation:<5.1>
Plan: text and call $10/month
Plan Option: <What plan option, WiFi Only, Talk & Text, with or without Cell Data. The information is provided under your phone number in the RW app.>

##Issue Description: I am trying to send photos via messaging, but it keeps saying cannot send multimedia message due to unsent multimedia message but I have none that are being sent, so how do I fix this? Thanks Alex

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What messaging app are you using? There is the possibility of a MMS message that didn’t send properly. Is the battery draining faster than usual?


You may want to use the latest Android Messages App … this has replaced the older Google App


“Messaging” the green icon- I think that came with the phone?


Yes that’s the original and it has been replaced by the Android Messages App (Blue circle with White bubble message) … Made available in Feb this year


so how do I make the switch without losing my message conversations?


Just add the new app, and then move it to where you normally have, it may ask if you want to use it initially, but it picks up all the old messages (just did it a few mins ago on a friends phone that was visiting, no problems encountered, and I have done it on multiple of my phones)


Thank you so much, I greatly appreciate, it, just made the switch and it works :slight_smile: So do I need to delete the old messaging app?
Thanks Alexandra


Just leave the old app alone it won’t hurt anything not being used.


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