Can't send picture messages

Samsung Galaxy S7
Android version 7.0
1GB data plan

I can take a camera picture from the blue messages app, and successfully send it. However a downloaded meme can be sent, but the recipient will claim they didn’t get it. Other variables I noticed - Iphone users typically have trouble receiving downloaded pictures that I’ll send via messages.

I deleted my data and cache for the messages app, but apparently that didn’t solve the issue.

I factory reset this phone two months ago, due to the same issue. Apparently it has returned.

Based on what you said about doing a factory reset for this problem and now it’s doing it again. This makes me wonder if there is an app on your phone that is causing the problem.

Do you use any firewall apps or anti virus apps?

Have you tried using a different texting app?


Thanks for that app recommendation. It was a good fix. As far as firewall or anti-virus… never.

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The issue with imessages is their architecture not Android’s. Using a different texting app usually fixes the problem without getting into a big conversation with the iphone user. Since Anywhere is a cross platform app, it’s ideal.

iMessage shouldn’t even be involved in a conversation with an Android user. There’s a common confusion between Apple’s iMessage platform and the iOS Messages app. They are not one and the same.

iMessage is an over the top (OTT) platform similar in concept to WhatsApp or Signal. When two iOS users are communicating, the iOS Messages app uses the iMessage OTT platform. When an iOS user communicates with an Android (or Windows phone or Blackberry or dumbphone) user, the iOS Messages app falls back to standard SMS/MMS.

I’m very happy use of Anywhere is working as a solution, however, that it does and Android Messages seems not to has nothing to do with iMessage per se.

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I can’t see how iMessage is involved in this situation. If a number is still tied to Apple and the other user’s iPhone sends an iMessage rather than an SMS, it simply will NOT get to the user. There is simply no situation where the message is sent as an iMessage and somehow transforms in to an SMS and arrives to the Android user. The analogy would be sending a user a letter by USPS and having it arrive as a text message, not possible.

According to Apple and Android forums iphones do not always fall back to SMS. There is a flaw, that they have yet to correct. So I can agree with you only up to a point.

There is a possibility that the previous owner of the customer’s number had an iphone, here are instructions to check and deregister the number with Apple:

If you look at the OP, you’ll see the reference is to iPhone users not receiving pictures sent not receiving pictures or messages generally from iPhone users.

Additionally, the behavior the article you reference isn’t a flaw in Apple’s iMessage platform, it’s how the platform is designed to work. There is no way for Apple to know that a user’s phone number should no longer be registered with iMessage unless the user tells them. It’s why Apple now provides its web based tool for deregistering numbers from iMessage.

By the way, Signal behaves exactly the same way and also offers a web based means of deregistering numbers from its service.

Kudos for suggesting Anywhere, it’s a great app, however, the issue as described isn’t related to Apple’s iMessage platform.

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