Can't ship to Hawai'i. Can't get a Hawai'i phone number either. Whyever not?


Just tried to order a SIM card (daughter lost her phone, got a replacement off ebay, but it didn’t come with a SIM card.)

Can’t ship to Hawai’i. Billing address is fine, but the form won’t allow me to save after I’ve written in a Hawai’i shipping address.


Is this related to not being able to get a Hawai’i phone number? I’d really like to have a number that’s local to the big island, and I’ve been forced to speculate that perhaps there’s some monopoly or other bureaucratic nonsense preventing republic from getting Hawai’i numbers. Or even moving my landline’s number over to my republic phone.



Hi @annag.mamaka,

Republic has no business presence in Alaska, Hawaii or New Hampshire and consequently doesn’t ship to those locations. Please see the FAQs here: My Republic Service. Quoting:

Is service available in the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Alaska, New Hampshire or Hawaii?

You can make outbound calls to Per Call Countries. Per Call Countries include Puerto Rico, Guam, US Virgin Islands, American Somoa, Northern Mariana Islands, Johnston Atoll, Midway Atoll, and the Wake Island. Service is not available in Alaska, New Hampshire, or Hawaii.

The above said, it’s possible to obtain an appropriate Republic SIM. If your daughter purchased a Republic 3.0 phone from an eBay seller, Amazon will ship to Hawaii: Republic Wireless SIM Starter Kit. If she purchased a legacy Republic phone, please raise a help ticket, so that Republic may provide the needed SIM free of charge.

Regarding Hawaii phone numbers, the following may help provide context:

Republic, like all service providers, relies on a Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) to host phone numbers. LEC is telephone industry jargon for phone company. Republic uses, as its’ LEC. Use of Bandwidth is part of Republic’s blended WiFi/cell service. Bandwidth needs to have “presence” in the rate center where the number you wish to obtain or transfer (port) is located. A rate center is a geographic area, usually but not always a city or town. The rate center your number is located in is determined by the area code and prefix (first six digits) of your phone number. No carrier has presence in every rate center. Bandwidth has presence in most but not all rate centers. Unfortunately, if Bandwidth does not have rate center presence you will not be able to obtain or transfer a number. To the best of my knowledge, Bandwidth has no presence in any Hawaiian rate centers.

An analogy that might help make sense of this. I grew up in Massachusetts where Papa Gino’s is a popular place to get pizza. Now that I’m in Florida as much as I’d like to purchase a Papa Gino’s pizza, I’m unable to do so because they have no restaurants (presence) here.


Hello All,

To clarify a point that @rolandh made - Republic WILL ship to New Hampshire. I have helped set up a total of 7 people in New Hampshire (including myself) - Republic has shipped phone to all. The issue is that Republic cannot offer a New Hampshire area code (603) - all 7 lines I set up simply ported their old 603 number over.

Regarding Hawaii (my sister lives there) I know Republic can’t offer HI area codes and I believe they will not ship (we tried to set her up on Republic)

The issue with NH, HI, and AK is they they have laws on the books to protect their area codes.

Hope this helps! - At least NH numbers can be ported.



I’ve seen conflicting reports in Community over whether Republic ships to New Hampshire but certainly won’t argue with your experience. I’m a former Nashuan but hadn’t become a Republic member prior to relocating to South Florida. Actually, Republic or Android didn’t yet exist prior to that relocation. I made my way from Nashua to South Florida in July 2007 toting Apple’s then brand new iPhone.

Regarding phone numbers, New Hampshire numbers may be obtained elsewhere then transferred (ported) to Republic because Republic’s carrier for hosting phone numbers (its’ former parent company has some rate center presence in New Hampshire. Unless something has changed very recently, Bandwidth has no rate center presence anywhere in Alaska or Hawaii. Therefore, Republic cannot offer or transfer numbers in those states. For those interested in potentially obtaining a New Hampshire (and other areas where Republic lacks number inventory) number for transfer to Republic I wrote this: How to Acquire a New Local Number for Transfer to Republic.


Great follow up.

I can vouch for New Hampshire being a place where Republic ships but users need to port NH #s (603) into Republic.



My wife and I both have Republic service in New Hampshire. It’s correct that Republic ships to NH and you can transfer a NH number to your Republic line, but up to this point there has not been a supply of new NH phone numbers available through Republic.

I landed on this thread hoping to find out if Republic was ever going to offer native support for the NH area code, since I changed my number and am currently using an out of state number. Buying T-Mobile SIM kits is a bit of a hassle!

It sure would be nice if Republic could work with another cost center (or what have you) to provide phone numbers in these areas.


Hi @robertg.92of4o,

Republic is not a carrier itself and therefore has no phone number inventory of its own to offer. Rather, Republic uses its’ former corporate parent ( as its’ carrier for phone number hosting (and for routing WiFi calls). Bandwidth is the sixth largest carrier in the U.S. and supplies phone numbers to Google Voice, Skype and FreedomPop among others in addition to Republic. For Republic to gain access to New Hampshire numbers, Bandwidth would need to make those numbers available. Think of Republic as a retailer with Bandwidth as its’s wholesale supplier for telephone numbers.

Bandwidth’s supply of New Hampshire numbers is constrained, so it has few (if any) New Hampshire numbers to offer Republic. Republic isn’t singled out in this regard. New Hampshire numbers are typically not available through other Bandwidth wholesale customers like Google Voice or FreedomPop also.

For Bandwidth to add numbers to offer Republic (and other wholesale customers) would take rate center expansion (adding new phone numbers to existing rate center). This requires approval from state regulators in New Hampshire and is unlikely to occur in the short run. The other way for Bandwidth to acquire more New Hampshire numbers would be to purchase them from another carrier with rate center presence in New Hampshire.

Theoretically, now that Republic is an independent company, it could purchase numbers from a carrier(s) other than Bandwidth. I do not expect to see this in the short run (if ever). Bottom line (for now) the only way for Republic to offer New Hampshire numbers would be if Bandwidth were able to supply them.

New Hampshire numbers may be sourced from carriers other than T-Mobile for transfer to Republic, so long as Bandwidth has rate center presence where the number is located. I used T-Mobile as a source in the previously referenced Wiki article because of the big 4 wireless carriers, TMO is (in my opinion) the easiest available source but other carriers (wireless or otherwise) may be used as a source as well. NumberBarn, for example, has New Hampshire numbers available for purchase. NumberBarn typically hosts its’ numbers with Bandwidth as well, so it’s an easy transfer to Republic. One would just want to be certain that the number one might contemplate purchasing from a NumberBarn (or any other source) will transfer by checking it against Republic’s number transfer tool.


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