Can't tell when I have a Voicemail - No icon - MOTO X 2nd GEN



For the past week, when someone leaves a voicemail, there is no icon indicating that. When I call my voicemail, I realize I have it/some. Any others suffering from this fate? Any work-arounds?

Trouble opening a ticket
Thoughts on alternate means of opening tickets

Hi jamesr.cqtjca

That seems to be frustrating. Hopefully we can solve the mystery.
Do you know if you are connected to wifi or cell most of the time? How is your wifi and cell signals?


I am having the same problem. I get no notification and they don’t appear in the voicemail log in the phone app. The only way for me to access them is the “old fashioned” way of dialing in. I have a Moto G Play and my Wi-Fi and cell signals are good. Yes, this is frustrating especially because my phone is vital to my business.


Hi @jamesr.cqtjca, @davids.2uhrc0

It appears you both have different devices but are having similar issues. Hopefully, jamesr. had the problem resolved many hours ago, we just don’t know the outcome of that. Yours is new and sounds critical.

@davids.2uhrc0, I would suggest opening a thread of your own. :relaxed:

Glad you did respond here though, we will get you sorted out, as it were.


I’m having the same issue as jamesr.cqtjca. Just checked my G3 for missing VM notifications. They are in fact missing no audio or visual notification. Missed calls indicated visually as normal but no VM.

Cleared system cache, no help. Uninstalled RW app updates and reinstalled, no help. Same with RW Telephony and Anywhere apps, no help.

No issues with my G4 Play.

Support ticket opened.



@davids.2uhrc0 By chance do you have a bunch of saved voicemails? I had a similar problem and deleting them seemed to help for other people when I was researching the problem for myself. Mine ended going back to normal after getting a new notification for each voicemail I had… Yes, had to wait for 180+ notifications…


No but thanks for asking. I don’t get many VMs and delete all but a few. Never had the multitude of re-notifications I’ve read about.

Largest number ever was this morning when I cleared the 14 test VMs sent last night.



Well, there goes that theory out the window… Hopefully you find a fix :grinning:


@PlaneTherapist - thanks for opening a ticket.

@davids.2uhrc0 and @jamesr.cqtjca, if you have not already done so, please open a ticket. It looks like we may have something here we need to investigate, and additional examples will be helpful.


Mostly cell. Sometimes WiFi.


No it wasn’t resolved yet.


I have the same issue. The voicemail indicator does not show up on my MOTO X (2nd gen) phone. One of RW’s community experts spent hours walking me through possible fixes on Sunday but nothing worked (that person was very helpful even though we didn’t solve the problem; I’m amazed and grateful someone was willing to spend their Sunday helping a stranger with a phone issue).

I sent in a help ticket to RW yesterday morning but they have not responded yet. I first noticed the issue on Sunday. I’ll post an update when RW solves the problem.


Thanks for opening a ticket @michaelb.x4mt8c.


FYI from my Support ticket for others who may be experiencing this. Known bug and they’re working on it.

At this time, we are experiencing a bug that started affecting members such as yourself where they are not getting a notification when they have a new voicemail message… … I have already gone ahead and attached your help ticket to the master bug ticket and as soon as there is a resolution we will be emailing all members that have been affected by this issue with an update.

@southpaw, should members continue opening ticket or is the wheel squeaky enough? Thanks.



We’re specifically looking for cases where you receive voicemail but do not see any notification or visual voicemail. You only know you’ve received new voicemail because you dialed in to check.

We are seeing some cases (they seem to be 3.0 phones) where rebooting the phone brings about the missing notification. I note @PlaneTherapist that your thorough testing and summary indicated this was not the case for you. Likewise it is not the case on my affected 1.0 phone.

In even fewer cases, voicemail is left, but not saved.

If you are experiencing issues with voicemail that match the symptoms above, please open a ticket and ask that it be investigated to see whether it is part of master ticket 1324037. Please be as descriptive as possible as to what you are experiencing.

@Ambassadors for situational awareness.


Update from RW said I have a “known issue” and they are working on it. There was no estimate as to when it might be resolved.


Followed said link which then says “Here’s a summary of your problem (etc.)” - but when I click on it to type what the problem is, it just sends me in circles, and I can’t type it. I can be patient - sometimes. At this point, I just wanted to try to rectify that my MOTO X 2nd GEN phone will not show a voicemail notification. It seems other people share the problem.

Thoughts on alternate means of opening tickets

Hi @jamesr.cqtjca,

I see @Burusutazu is typing some advice for you. I’ll hang on a bit and see if you get this straightened out. If not, I’ll be glad to open a ticket on your behalf.


Just making sure, your following this link right?

This seems to be an issue that has become a problem for a number of users. And I see that you are the one who actually brought this to light.

Id suggest going this route.
Using My Phone -> Set Mood / Tech Level -> Calling Issues (Voicemail) and that should create your ticket. Alternatively you can select “something else” on the last part.

There is not anywhere to input text this way so you should have less issues.


Hi @jamesr.cqtjca,

I’m not sure where you were having that experience, but I’ve opened a ticket on your behalf. Replies from our staff will reach you by E-mail and can also be viewed when you sign in at:

I’ve also moved your comment about difficulty opening a ticket on the voicemail issue to the same thread, just to keep the conversation in one place.