Can't transfer number from moto g6 to moto g power

What phone do you have? Moving from moto g6 to moto g power

What plan are you on? My Choice + 1G

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
Talk text and data

Issue Description

Just received new moto g power to replace my moto g6. Can’t access internet until I activate the new phone. When I open the republic app on the new phone, the app won’t accept my existing account credentials, insisting instead that I set up a new account with a new identity, new password, select a new data plan, etc. Ultimately it requires me to provide a credit card as a payment mechanism.
I simply want to transfer my current phone number from my existing republic phone to my new republic phone. No change in service, no change in credentials, same password and certainly not fiddling with two separate payment mechanisms that I will have to iron out later.
Thanks in advance for your help.

You’ll need a WiFi connection in order to get activated.

What does this look like?

Signing in with your existing account credentials, exactly as you signed into Community, is key to moving the number to the new phone.

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New phone recognizes my wifi connection. No problem on that issue. But it will not give me access to the internet (via republic) until I complete the activation process. Unfortunately, the app on my new phone appears to not recognize my log in credentials and treats my activation as a request to establish a new account.

I am able to access “Community” by logging in via my old phone (moto g6). That same set of info on the moto g power leads to doing up a totally new account.

I’m trying to understand what you’re seeing. Can you quote for us, word for word, what kind of error message you’re seeing when you try to log in with your existing credentials?

No error message.
First page of activation instructions gives two options:
“Enter the email address associated with your Republic Wireless Account.”

“To start a new account, enter the email address you’d like to use to create one.”

Then there is only one blank to fill out, which requests an email address.

When I fill in my account’s email address, it leads immediately to a page that says “Let’s create your Republic Wireless Account.”

It also says “If you already have an account that you like to use, tap the back arrow and enter the email address associated with your account.”

There is no visible “back arrow” to tap, so when I never to the prior page, it seems me right back to this “Let’s create your Republic Wireless Account.” Page

Thanks for the details.

This would suggest that you have enabled “gesture” navigation, a new feature in Android that replaces the back arrow, home button, and recent apps buttons with gestures.
You can restore those buttons to the bottom of your screen with these instructions:

There’s really no phone-specific explanation for a failure to recognize your credentials - there’s nothing about the phone that would make it read the credentials any differently than any other phone - that check is done on our server.

I tested by entering your e-mail address in an unactivated phone, and I’m prompted to a password for the existing account, not to create a new account.

You mentioned that this also happens when you try to log into Community on the new phone. Since doing so won’t impact your billing, would you mind going ahead and logging into Community on the new phone, creating the new account, and then replying here. I’d like to see how Community handles that, since it can only have one account for any specific e-mail address. This might give us a better idea of what is happening when you try to log into the app to activate your phone.

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When I tap on the republic app on the new phone, all I get at this point is a"Welcome to Republic" banner with only one option:

“Get Activated Now.”

When I tap that button, it seems me to the same activation page asking for my email address or setting up a new account. And the circle begins again.

I think I’m out of gas for this evening, and this phone needs recharged as well. I’ll give it another shot tomorrow when I’m thinking a bit more clearly.

Thanks, Southpaw, for all your help. If you come up with any other suggestions, I’d be grateful. I’ll let you know tomorrow if I am successful in solving this.

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I think just double-checking that you’re definitely entering the same e-mail address is going to be very important. We see hard-to-spot typos all the time, like .con instead of .com, a missing letter or double letter, or even the same username but a different domain name.

The letter l is particularly hard to see when doubled.

I hope you’ll have better luck in the morning!


I heard from Louis D (Republic) early this morning with the same recommendation. I CAREFULLY reentered my data and the activation went through successfully.
Thanks so much for your patience and sound advice last night.


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