Cant transfer phone number


can’t transfer phone number from old moto g to new moto e4. tried everthing i know. never find the option.


If the E4 has been activated and has a new number you may have missed the step to activate as a replacement. If this is the case you will need to open a Support ticket and ask to have the numbers swapped and to deactivate to old G. There would be no self service option to find once the E4 was activated.


Not really true. If the new phone has a new number you don’t want, cancel the sevice on the new phone and reactivate, this time being careful to select “move” when asked. Also, if you didn’t see the option, you either missed it OR you signed on with an email other than the one that the phone number you want to move is attached to.


Good point. DIY resolutions make it easier for members. What may have been recommended by RW Support and the member forum a year ago may no longer be the RW preferred method.

My own experience with RW has shown me end quality of service results may vary either way.


I have this same question. I do have an open ticket for a SIM that I just received, and asked in that ticket.

So which is recommended, Deactivate new number and reactivate as a replacement or to wait for a response to the open ticket? I must admit that the self-serve appeals to me, but I don’t want to break anything. :slight_smile:



Are you talking about splitting a number off to another account? If not, activating the SIM as a replacement will just move your number automatically, you don’t deactivate anything.


BLUF: I was doing a shell game with the phone numbers due receiving a ‘new-to-me’ X Pure.

New phone for my wife and transfer her number from a G3.
I get the G3 and transfer my number from a G1.
Transfer the new number from X Pure activation to the G1 and then disconnect that phone.

I received an amazingly fast response from my help ticket, and they were all done at once. Unfortunately it was done too fast, so I stayed up about an hour and a half later than I normally do to get my phone operational for the next day. I had planned on transferring in stages so I could transfer mine tonight. On the bright side, I got it all out of the way without playing tag with when to make the changes, and I didn’t lose any data thanks to still having Lollipop and Moto Migrate on the G1 and G3.

OT*** It would be nice if Moto could make Migrate compatible with newer phones, as it is SO MUCH EASIER than all the third party apps.

BOT*** Would I have been able to do the following without a help ticket?

  1. Deactivate newly activated X Pure and reactivate as a replacement for the G3.
  2. Reactivate the G3 as a replacement for the G1.
  3. Store or Swappa/Ebay the deactivated G1.



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