Can't unlock SIM and can't connect to server

Hi. I’ve been a RW customer for years without major problems till now. I have an open ticket, but so far the tech folks haven’t been able to solve the problem. Last Wednesday I upgraded my Moto G4 Play to Android 7.1.1, as prompted. The result was that I lost cellular service and in fact all phone service. In a wifi zone I can’t phone but can text. When I turn the phone on, the home screen says network locked. When I go to unlock the network, I’m told I need SIM network unlock pin. When I try to activate RW, I’m told I can’t connect to the server, start a help ticket. The RW tech person sent me two SIM unlock pins; neither worked. He then sent me a new SIM card. I just installed it, and nothing is different. I get the same messages – it wasn’t the SIM card. Something apparently happened during the system upgrade, but no one seems to know what. I was told there shouldn’t have been problems and he was surprised that neither PIN unlocked the SIM network. I’m wondering whether anyone has experienced anything like this. Tomorrow will be a week without a phone – I don’t know how long I can continue like this. If you are so kind as to reply, please try to put your suggestions in lay language if you can. Thanks. Marianne

This is a known issue and R.W. put out an advisory to not install this update.
See this post:

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My software channel is cc. I did not realize that I wasn’t supposed to install the update. What do I do now? I’m without a phone. It sounds like this may take some time to resolve. Can you tell me whether I can hope to have a working phone? Thanks.

Well, even if I’d seen the advisory, it would have been too late – I installed it last Wednesday, six days ago.

Sorry that my first response thought you were the one who put out the advisory. I’ll try to find additional information from Southpaw.

By the way, I’m flabbergasted that I’ve been working with the Motorola ticket techies for almost a week now, and it doesn’t appear that any of them were aware of this issue. The right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing.

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I’ve locked this thread since you’ve moved the conversation to Advisory: Do not install NP126.48-43 to BYOP Moto G4 Play, so we can focus the conversation in a single place.

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