Can't update payment info to reactivate account

So, I’m an idiot and forgot to update my card info and my account go cancelled. My fault, I know.

I tried to reactivate the phone, but it won’t do it because I still owe a month’s payment.

I opened a ticket, and eventually got a response after a couple days. I was told to update my payment info, and also to respond to the ticket to authorize the payment to my new (updated) card info.

My problem is, the page will not let me update payment method. I can click the pencil, and then enter all of the card information, but when I try to save it, it just does…well…nothing. I can successfully update my personal info, pin, password, etc.

I thought maybe this site didn’t play nice with chrome, so I tried in IE 11 as well. Same issue.

Does anyone know how I can get that payment info updated so I can pay my debt and restore service?

Thanks in advance for any help/advice.


Hey, Ryan!

I just updated your ticket. Go take a look so that we can get your phone reactivated! :slight_smile:



To ensure full validity in the Payment section the app requires you to enter all information when you update.
Example: I just updated my Address and it was necessary to enter full Credit Card information

Hi @ryanf.gb1anu

How are you “saving” it?. I see an update/cancel button. I know this may be obvious, just want to verify and eliminate the possibility you have to scroll up/down to find the Update button.

Kelsea: Thanks for the quick reply. I’m looking at the ticket and don’t see anything new there.

jben and c1tobor: Yes, I’m completing the whole section (credit card info and my address). When I said save, sorry, yes I meant update. After I click update, the button just “greys itself out” so I can’t hit it again or anything.

Kelsea: I see your response now. I see that you’re still telling me to update my payment method, but I am UNABLE to. The page won’t update the information.

I have to be doing something wrong here, and I’m probably going to smack myself in the head when I figure out what exactly, but I’m at a loss here.

It will be grayed out until the Credit card numbers are valid (including the CVC, expiration date

Let me try to be crystal clear here.

I click the pencil to edit payment method.

I enter all of the card info as well as my address

The update and cancel buttons are NOT greyed out and there is no red error text in any of the fields to indicate a typo or anything entered incorrectly.

I click on the NOT greyed out update button and it THEN greys itself out and I can’t do anything else. The pencil does not come back or anything. I know it’s not updating the information because after I hit the update button, if I leave the page and come back there is once again nothing in the payment method section at all.

It looks like you will need additional help from RW, as you have a ticket open it to see if they have added any additional guidance. If not I would use the Chat link that is available (here)
You will want to reference both this discussion and your Ticket number when conversing with the Chat folks

Gotcha. Working with them now. Thanks everyone for trying to help.

FYI, I was finally able to update payment info by clearing everything from Chrome. After I dumped everything “from the beginning of time”, it updated just fine.



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