Can't update phone because it says it's already updated

I got an email from RW saying that my Moto E should be “on the current build of NPQ26.69-64 . If you are not, you will need to perform the software update to ensure your phone is running optimally. You may need multiple updates to get to the correct build as these are incremental and not cumulative.

My phone is currently on: NPQ26.69-27

So I go into Settings>About Phone> System Updates. I get a message that says my device’s software is already up to date. No idea what to do next.

Hi @christinal.y8odc0,

The E-mail included a link to this help article:

The article explains that you’ll need to power the phone off and remove the SIM card before checking for the update. Did you try it without the SIM card?

I literally just bought this phone from Republic Wireless and I’m not happy with the steps required for this update, less than 2 weeks later. The back cover is very difficult to remove, and having to remove the SIM card just so I can update the software is ridiculous.

I’m a new Republic Wireless customer and I’m beginning to wonder how often they have issues with their software updates.

The good news is the troublesome work-around does work.

More bad news: apparently my brand new phone I just received directly from Republic Wireless arrived already outdated by several software updates, and each one is being applied alone, so I am having to update over and over and over, one at a time.

Hi @New2RepublicWireless,

These are system updates, not Republic Wireless updates. Your experience would be the same with any carrier and the Moto E4.

Sorry it seems such an unwelcoming beginning. We’re glad you’re here.


Just an FYI: The fact that we purchase an item with ‘downlevel software’ is very common in all devices that have firmware or software (aka code) that can be updated. If all the necessary code is burned in at manufacturing time, then that is it … no updates, no fixing problems etc.
Republic sources all of their phones from major manufactures. They build them in large quantities and at build time they are loaded with the ‘latest’ level of code. Once these devices begin moving into the distribution and sales channels users start using them … this is when conditions not reproducible in a lab/manufacturing environment begin to show up. The understanding of these problems and time to fix can vary due to complexity, but there will eventually be a bunch of fixes grouped together and made available to the end users.
This is true of many of the products we currently use, from our TV’s, routers, SmartHome devices and of course our phones.
If you waited until all bugs were fixed, a product would never ship … Republic and their product providers do an excellent job of providing these updates withing the shortest time possible.
As users, we should always try to be at the latest level of code, to take advantage of letting someone else have the problem and providing the information necessary for it fix.


Maybe we’re getting old inventory from the Republic Wireless store, then? Three updates so far, each one requiring the same download / install process…still not done. I haven’t experienced anything like this before. Meanwhile, no use of phone, SIM card sill removed.

It’s not old stock, the Moto E4 is frequently replenished in our warehouse. This is how the phones leave the manufacturer, with the original firmware.


That was exactly it! Thank you!


Great! Glad you’re all set now!


All smartphones have updates. They are sequential. Some models have much more frequent updates than others.

Google pushes out updates to Android every month. Have for years now.

Google Nexus and Pixel phones get these monthly updates as soon as they come out.

OEM’s devices…its up to the manufacture to pull, incorporate, modify, then test, then push out to carriers to push to each device. So they come out later and are always older updates. (Moto, Samsung, LG, etc.)

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