Can't verify my identity claiming they do not accept voice over phones


This is very frustrating. Companies are saying my phone can’t be used as a valid way to verify my identity. They claim my phone number doesn’t exist because it’s considered a voice over. They say I need my own IP address. If I need to switch carriers I will, because this issue has come up three times recently.


Hi Suzanne,

Republic Wireless phone numbers are VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) numbers. Our service is different from traditional cell phone carriers in that the service is designed to use Wi-Fi whenever possible and cellular service is added to that for those times when you cannot be around Wi-Fi.

Some companies will not authorize accounts based on VoIP numbers. Some offer an alternate means of verification, but for those that do not, there is no workaround available.

If these companies are a priority for your use of the phone, I’m afraid your only solution is to move your service to a traditional cell phone company.


I kind of figured that out. I loved RW, but this issue has come up three times, so I must have a carrier. Thanks for your honest answer.


You must have a Post-Paid account from one of the major carriers inorder to do Identity Verification. This is because those type of accounts require such invasive Identity Verification to setup…giving your SSI number, and running a credit check and other things. Pre-Paid accounts do not have this requirement.

Second, if having a Post -Paid account for this sole purpose is important to you, you will be paying for it big time. The current cost is $80 plus taxes and fees on the big name carriers. For those of us that don’t even use 1GB of mobile data each month, paying that much for Unlimited data plans is just throwing money away. It may cause a inconvenience in this particular aspect, but this is no fault of the cell carriers themselves…its the FCC’s decision and the services that set such exclusion policies.