Captcha in The RW App

What phone do you have? Samsung S21 5G

What plan are you on? Annual

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Includes all three

Issue Description

Recent update within the RW app that requires one to log in and solve the captcha (I’m not a robot) within the app but, the captcha does not pop up in the app on my Samsung S21 5G. When I try to log in the app defaults to another screen telling me I must solve the captcha or select I forgot my password.

Anyone else reporting this issue?


Hi @eodben,

On the first screen, select “I am not a robot.” Sometimes it is not necessary to prove you are not a robot by solving a puzzle, but you must attest you are not a robot by checking the box.

We are looking into why failing the pass the captcha routes you to the forgotten password page rather than simply insisting on the box being checked.

Southpaw, Thanks for the rapid response.

The option to select the captcha does not present itself in RW app on my phone.

Can you share a screenshot, please?

Login screen and response.

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Thanks @eodben. I will bring this to our engineers’ attention.

Is the Captcha available if you connect to WiFi?

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No it is not

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Same issue occurring for me. Screenshot above is identical; no Captcha option is present.

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Same issue here as well, on a Moto G Fast

Thanks for chiming in @ryanm.ctgslg,

Do you have a pressing account action you need help with, since you can’t log in?

How did you log into the Community?

I am also having this issue. I am told I am not solving the captcha but do not see it.

Moto E (1st gen?) is what I’m using.

I’ve run into the issue when trying to add data mid-month.

I’m having the exact same issue. MotoX

Same issue here. No captcha in the RW app, but it appears for me in the internet browser so I could login to the forum to add this comment.

Was a solution ever found? We were given until the end of November to change our data plan if needed, which was why I was trying to log in.

I noticed this yesterday on my 2020 Moto G Stylus when I tried to add 1gb of data. I coudn’t do it straight from my app because of the captcha issue. I was able to go to the republic wireless website and do it though.

Hi @loris.4fm7xm,

Are you able to use a browser to log into ?

Yes I can log in through a browser.

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On a s21 ultra 5g. Can confirm I am encountering the same issue with the “check not a robot” box not showing up. Matches screenshot above. Am posting via the web.

This issue makes it difficult to do one time data additions since it is requiring me to “login” on the app.

I concur, it’s not an ideal circumstance, however, one-time data purchases can be done via the account portal using a web browser:


From Your Republic Wireless Online Account Portal

  1. Sign into your online account portal
  2. Under the service line you’d like to change your plan for, click I WANT TO…
  3. Click Manage My Plan
  4. Click Add data now
  5. Click the Plus or Minus icons to select the amount of cell data you would like to purchase
  6. Click Review Order
  7. Review the order details (including taxes) and click Confirm Data Purchase once ready

I to am having this issue. Screenshots above identical. I am being asked to solve a captcha, but one does not appear.

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