Caption call app fails on cellular data

I have a Moto g7. I have unlimited text and talk and the 1gb data.
I am HOH and mostly just use the phone for texting. However at times I need a phone call. I use Caption Call app on a iPad at home. Caption Call recently finally rolled out an android version. So I put it on my phone. However it won’t work while using cell data. If works if I am in WiFi but if I need it while on cell data it is useless. What would cause this and how do I fix it? Caption Call is a program that translates voice to texts on a phone call.

Which Google Play app are you using? A quick read shows them running from 3-4+ Stars. Providing this information may help you or others

Hi @leannaw.fzila6,

Were you able to get the call captioning to work when you’re on data? I suspect the issue may be coverage in your area. Do you see a 4G or LTE symbol when you’re trying to use the app away from WiFi?

Our Help Team may be able to improve your coverage with a different SIM card, so please watch for that 4G or LTE symbol and let us know if you’re rarely seeing it when away from WiFi.

I do have dead areas around me since I live in a rural area and I realize that is common. I don’t even get texts in those areas. However where I have experienced this issue is a city that is close by that I often do business in. I normally have very good LTE coverage in that area. I use other apps without an issue all around the city.

Thanks @leannaw.fzila6,

This might be a good question to explore with the app’s developers, especially since their release of the Android version is relatively new.

I suggest that because there’s nothing Republic Wireless does that would limit one app’s access to data when other apps are working.

(And as I think about it more, changing your SIM card may actually make things worse, because the other SIM card we offer does not support the simultaneous use of voice and data, so apps can’t be used while in a call.)

Can you help me understand how you use it on your iPad? Is your iPad able to receive phone calls, or are people calling a number provided by Caption Call?

I have a separate phone number given to me by Caption Call. I can use the app on my phone also when I am connected to WIFI. People can call on it but I seldom give it out. I don’t hear the ringer ,so most know that it is best to contact me though my RW number via text or leave a voice mail and I return the call. Mainly I was excited to be able to use this app on my phone for the places that now require a phone call check-in, if an important call came while out, or curbside pickup. I don’t have a data plan with my I-Pad since I just use it at home while on WIFI.
I will follow up with Caption Call also.

Hi @leannaw.fzila6,

If I’m understanding correctly, the Caption Call app completely bypasses the Republic calling - people are calling a special Caption Call number that rings in that app, and you’re using that app to make calls. It’s not routing through the RW calling at all. (I was initially imagining an app that adds transcription to a call coming to your RW number, but it sounds like that’s not the case at all.)

So that leaves us to figure out why Caption Call doesn’t work on cell data. You have data available, you see the LTE symbol, and other apps work on data, so that would rule out coverage issues or having cell data disabled.

Is this what you’re using: Mobile App | CaptionCall ? Have you heard from them yet?

One test you might try is carrying the iPad along with you, and use your phone as a hotspot to allow the iPad to connect to the internet. How to Enable Mobile Hotspot – Republic Help. It would be interesting to see if the Caption Call app on the iPad can make calls.

You might also make sure VoLTE calling is turned off on the cell phone. It may interfere with what the Caption CALL app is doing. How to Disable VoLTE on Motorola Phones Running Android 10 and Up – Republic Help

When you try to make a call with the Caption Call app on the phone, away from WiFi, is there any error message? Can you describe for us what “it is useless” look like?

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