Captive portal login not working?


I recently migrated from a moto X2 to a moto Z play. I am running Republic app

When I access Wi-Fi locations that require accepting the terms and agreement or entering a user name and password (Captive portal) the Republic app or Android seem to fail to cache the actions like I was used to with the prior device / service. Some locations appear to work just fine (Starbucks) but one that I log into every day does not. It makes me enter a long numerical string for user ID and 10 digit computer generated password (upper / lower case, numbers letters, special characters, yuk!)

I tried forgetting the network and then re-authenticating but no luck, any suggestions?



This feature was removed from the Republic app on the new 3.0 phones. There are 3rd party apps you can use.

Wifi Portal Connect - Android Apps on Google Play

That being said, if the portal generates a new password every time it is accessed then what good is remembering the last one?



Thanks, I was wondering about that, so Starbucks works as it is integrated with Android? Also, the system generated password resets every 6 months so it still saves the day to day issue

The specific app that comes up looks stale and has few downloads, I assume you just were pointing me to the type of app, anyone that you use, or is that it?



I don’t run into captive portals too often and don’t use an app to replace the feature in the 2.0 Republic Wireless app. It did work well for me in 2.0 and in some other Community threads people are asking RW to put it in the 3.0 Republic app.


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