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Looking to get a NEW phone. have a moto e gen 1. 4 GB mem. no sprint towers here roams on US cell or Verizon 3G .1- 2 bars.(with Booster) My neighbor has ATT 4 LTE full service. I see this phone Moto E-4 is LTE… would this work for me? would it roam on ATT? if no sprint service?
Never had a LTE phone…
Thank you…


Can you share your ZIP code or City/State so we can look at the coverage in your area?

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Zip is 37821 Newport TN just north on 25E 3 miles. Near the Lake.


Off coverage there with either Republic partner carrier isn’t great. The carrier you’re on now (Sprint) shows areas of coverage, areas of roaming, and areas of nothing.

The other carrier partner, shows a little coverage, almost no roaming, and lots of no coverage.

Honestly, I couldn’t recommend either.


Ok. will keep what i have it works with the Cell booster. No problem with the WiFi calling But the Internet goes out a lot here so was just looking for better signal and to be sure i can call with NO wifi. I am on a hill and with the outside antenna and cell booster i get 2 bars. With out i need to drive 2 miles. But as i said my neighbor on ATT has full service 100 feet away.


Republic doesn’t partner with AT&T, so it’s not possible to get service with them. If you’re satisfied with the service you have now, it won’t get any better with the new phones, but you can get the same coverage you have now with one of the newer devices activated with the same cellular partner (Sprint).


OK thank so much.

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