Carriers, which will I get after I change plans


I’m currently on wifi plan due to my phone being old…but I plan to purchase a newer phone. After I change plans will I be on T-Mobile or spring carrier? I need sprint for areas where t mobile isn’t. Thanks Adam


Hi @kirka.oxtnau,

It would be easiest for us to help you if we knew the zip code(s) where you intend to primarily use your new phone. Meanwhile you might have a look at this: Republic Wireless Coverage – Republic Help.

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Mostly 27605 but a 100 mile radius


Thank you for the additional infomration. Republic’s coverage check tool thinks coverage provisioned for either its’ GSM partner (whom you’ve correctly identified) or Sprint would be good. Therefore, if you’ve read through the help document I linked you’re aware there is no way for you to make an explicit choice for Sprint.

If I knew I wanted Sprint rather than GSM coverage, I would order a phone from Republic compatible with either network. Currently available phones fitting that criteria are:

  1. Moto G4
  2. Moto G5 Plus
  3. Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

All other phones currently sold by Republic will only activate with Republic’s GSM partner presently. Of those, all but the Moto E4s are hardware limited to GSM. The E4s will eventually work with Sprint but not until some time later this year.

I suggest buying one of the 3 phones that are currently Sprint compatible from Republic’s online store. Republic will choose which cellular partner the phone is provisioned with. If Republic’s choice turns out to be unsatisfactory, you would need to raise a support ticket, however, Republic would work with you to correct the situation by changing the cellular provisioning on the phone if needed.


Help I was not told the Moto E4 Plus will not work with Sprint. The GSM doesn’t appear to work in my area. When I checked about coverage and the phone it said we had coverage. Not I have phones that won’t work some places that we go.


There is no help @rolandh, a customer like you, can offer. What you need to do is open a ticket and see about getting another phone to replace the E4. You will need a phone that can work with our CDMA coverage.


Hi @annab.de12au,

I see you chatted with one of our support team members who has made sure ticket number 120 0 113 has been updated with your current situation. Someone will be in touch with you on that ticket to work on making sure you have the coverage you need.

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Please don’t forget about me rw


Do you have a ticket open? Are you waiting on a response? I thought @rolandh addressed all your questions, do you have additional questions?


I did open a ticket but no reply as of yet. Roland addressed my issue but it seems Sean dismissed his answer.


Hi @kirka.oxtnau,

@seanr dismissed my answer as it related to the follow-up question raised by @annab.de12au. There’s a very big difference between her situation and yours. She’s already purchased an E4, which cannot presently be made to work with Sprint. If you order one of the phones I referenced in my reply to you, that will not be an issue.

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