Carry Over of unused Data

I sometimes use more than my 1 GB of data and buy an additional GB when needed. I hate to not use the additional data and think rw should have the data carry over until used. I’d most likely use the extra data up within the 2nd month and while $5 for a GB of data doesn’t sound like a lot it adds up if you do it monthly or every other month when we all came here for a good price, deal and service.
Thanks for hearing my idea and please consider this for the future.


Hi @vikingman10 and welcome to the community. This pops-up a few times a year as a suggestion so I’ll provide a quick summary of the reality of the situation. Republic did have a plan where data wasn’t lost at the end of the billing period, it was called the Refund Plan and offered a refund for the unused data. In order for such a plan to be sustainable data had to be priced at $15/GB. Customer demand for this plan was not good. Through surveys, community discussion, market analysis, etc Republic determined (like almost all other carriers in the market) that the vast majority of customers prefer cheap data that expires versus expensive data that doesn’t. Based on this Republic launched the My Choice plans and data is 66.67% cheaper than previously. The new plans have been far better received by the market than the old ones.

Now, we’d all like data that was cheap and didn’t expire, but much like the old joke, “Cheap, Fast, Good. You can pick any two you’d like for our services.” the combo of cheap and everlasting isn’t economically viable. You might say with data you can choose two from the following: “Cheap. Doesn’t Expire. Works.”


I buy $5 when I’m expecting company to use during the visit for airport chases and sightseeing chaufering. I always lose most of that five, but I don’t mind the gamble considering the alternative of paying a lot more for data I would never use, anyway. My phone is tethered to home WiFi 99.9% of the time, so the extra five two or three times each year is well worth the money tossed. The bottom line here is to say to make your best guess before hitting that helpful and tempting tap. Look at it like roulette. That black five doesn’t come up very often.

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