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I have not seen any cases (yet available) for the Ascend 5W. Might it be physically identical to the Honor 5X, and could therefore use a case for the latter phone?



So from comparing the Ascend specs to the Honor’s, I only see a very small difference.

length 1.1mm

width 0.1mm

depth 0.2mm

I don’t think, for most cases, this is significant.


Hi @gerryz , @bb.zndcax

Here is a current discussion on this subject…

Ascend 5w Cases - will Honor 5x cases work?


The size differences is enough to make the case worthless If you looked closer the 5W is longer USE common sense

honpr 5x demension 151.3 mm (L) x 76.3 mm (W) x 8.15 mm (5.96 inches x 3.00 inches x 0.32 inches)

5W Height: 152.4 mm Width: 76.4 mm

In other words too small


I just bought this case (link below) off eBay and it fits perfectly - everything lines up button/hole wise. The case has a rubber inner shell that allows some give length-wise and has a hard shell that snaps over top. Hope this helps!

Huawei Honor 5X / X5 / Huawei GR5 Case, INNOVAA Smart Grid Defender Armor Case | eBay


I purchased the Shockproof Armor Heavy Duty TPU +PC Case Kickstand Cover for Huawei Honor 5X
on ebay.

It’s very close to a perfect fit, but just slightly too short in the vertical plane, thus it comes off the top and bottom easily.
I never had a kickstand, so I wanted to try it.
I had to take the dremmel to my audio cords since the input jack is very narrow.
After seeing the above post I searched for Honor 5x thinking they were compatible.
Not sure I would recommend, I assume there are ones that fit better.


When you look at the height of the Honor 5x and GR5 you see that the height is the same between the two devices. There are many people selling cases for the Honor 5x and GR5. The box for the Ascend 5W says “Huawei GR 5W” so we may be led to believe that the GR5 and our devices are the same size. As many have stated, the Honor 5x and the GR5 cases are too short for our phone. I’ve tried two different cases that were made for the Honor 5x and can confirm that they were too short.

So, I looked up the FCC ID that’s on the box for the Ascend 5W (QISKIW-A1), and the FCC Documents gave me two model numbers: H715BL & H1621. (The model number on the box I received from Republic was H1623 - which is close to the FCC documents - so I figured I was on the right track.) So I looked up H715BL on the internet and it appears that this is a Huawei Sensa 4G LTE phone sold at a few different places for another carrier. According to the specs, the height of the Sensa is the same as the Ascend. The depth for the Ascend on the RW website is deeper than what I could find for the H715BL but I couldn’t find too many measurements in metric for the H715BL since it seems to be sold in the United States.

Here are the measurements for the Ascend 5W from Republic’s website:

Height: 152.4 mm
Width: 76.4 mm
Depth: 8.4 mm
Weight: 158.8 g

Here are the measurements for the H715BL from Swappa’s website (not sure if they are accurate, but it’s what I found):

Hegiht: 152.40

Width: 76.20

Depth: 7.62 mm

So, it looks like if we could find cases for the H715BL, we might be in business.

When I search Amazon, I see several cases that have H715BL in the title but they also have Honor 5x which makes me a bit skeptical. But if the manufacturer built them so they could stretch in the right places, then maybe they would really work.

This one, is just labeled as for the H715BL and this website lists a bunch of them. So if someone felt brave enough to gamble 8 dollars, then others would be interested in their feedback.

As an aside, not being able to find cases for my phone has brought me to the conclusion that I should stick to buying phones that lots of other people are buying. The Ascend 5W appears to only be sold by Republic. This means the market for 3rd party companies making cases would be small. Or in our case (no pun intended), non-existent.

Have a great day everyone. I hope we can compile a list of cases that work for our phones!


Thanks for the research and info @wayloncovil .

I can confirm this one, fits and functions perfectly though. Huawei Honor 5X / X5 / Huawei GR5 Case, INNOVAA Smart Grid Defender Armor Case W/ Free Screen Protector & To…

(although I’ll admit I was going to return it because I thought it was too slippery for the user, then the user changed).

As far as the phone itself goes, who knows what kind of deal led to the Huawei Ascend on RW. I suspect many were bought during the promo, so that would explain the sudden demand for specific cases. There are also people I know that did not want another Moto and had tired of their Samsung device and simply wanted to try something new.

( I am trying to get the screen on the H1623 repaired (:(), and I am finding it as interesting as the cases. I will publish my success or failure in the forum.)


I bought a Spigen Honor 5x case for my Ascend 5w, and bought glass cover, all on Amazon for about $15, shipped. I’ve dropped the phone on pavement from car seat height with no damage. Case fits perfectly.

Why I don't rely on my RW service

Thanks for this info everyone. When I did a search on Amazon for the Ascend 5w, all I got was generic cases that said they worked if you used 3M tape to secure it in the case! I ordered a soft case that is supposed to fit the Sensa, so I’m crossing my fingers! I definitely need something. This phone doesn’t fit in the pocket of my purse that the old one fit into and the thing came flying out of my purse and onto the pavement this morning. Luckily it only scratched the corners!


I’ve traded 2 Ascend 5W phones for Moto G4 phones. I have 2 Spigen Honor 5x cases for sale. The case fits the 5w perfectly.


Do you still have a case for sale for the Ascend 5W?


Hi @ronaldd.mriyz2

(Sorry for the late response), but “yes”, here is the link…

The Huawei Honor 5X cases will also work if you want to shop around.


Thank you!


Your most welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:


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