Case for Moto Z3 Play WITH Extra Battery


I am a heavy user of my cell phone so was glad to see the Z3 offered more than the pathetic offering of all the other phones of a 3000 to 3300 mAHr battery.
However, my happiness has turned to horror now that I am unable to find a case…has anyone been able to find a case for the Moto Z3 Play WITH the extra battery installed?


Honestly, I’ve seen this question asked here, on Reddit and in the Moto forums and never seen anyone response with a case.


I could not find a case for the Z3 Play like I wanted (one like an Otterbox Defender that would protect the screen too and work with mods, the defender case worked well on my X1 for years).
I know you can get an Otterbox Commuter case for the Z3 Play, but you cannot use the mods with it, and there is no screen protector with it.
The “bumper” type case is what I ended up buying, but the one I bought is unavailable now:■■■■t2_B07JNJC5LZ#customerReviews
, but this one still shows available (I have no idea if it works though):■■■■sr=8-6&keywords=motorola+jbl+moto+mod
I then put the Supershieldz cover on the screen (took some time to do it right):■■■■t2_B07G7CTYLJ
I then bought a velcro case like this one for my belt loop:■■■■sr=8-6&keywords=velcro+case+moto+z3+play
Seems like a lot of trouble to go through for a case, but I could not find the “all in one” solution.
I still feel like it is going to slip out of my hand, I wish the rubber on the bumper was more “sticky”, but then it would get dirty more easily, so there is a trade-off.
I am going to post all of my findings in a Z3 Play review at some point, but I want to use it for at least 90 days to give it a fair shake.

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