Case Reviews: Generic or lesser-known brands

If you don’t see a topic specifically for the brand of case you want to tell us about, please reply in this topic to share your thoughts about a case you have used on your phone.

Helpful information to include:

  1. The brand and model of the case and your phone model
  2. Why you like or dislike this case
  3. Any special features it has that make it particularly useful or especially protective
  4. How easy it is to put on and remove from your phone
  5. A photo of the case on your phone, if you have one available

Let’s kick things off!

We have two Moto G6s in our household. My wife uses a Wallet Flip Case from icarecase. The case has a protective shockproof edge that surrounds most of the phone. The flip cover is magnetic, has handy credit card slots and a stand feature. The cover gives a good surface area to hold and the flap makes a good handle when using the camera. The phone has survived at least two drops to the tile floor with no damage…only some mumbling :relieved: Mum was the word from me :zipper_mouth_face:

Patty Case

I use a similar Flip Case from DLHLLC. The case has a full body protective cover with TPU bumper that provides good edge and switch protection. It’s not a contest, but I’m ahead in the number of times the phone has been dropped with no damage. My case is a little thinner which is a benefit since I carry my phone in my front pants pocket.

Fred Case

Even though both cases have flip covers, we decided to use SPARIN tempered glass screen protectors for additional protection. Having both the flip cover and screen protector does a good job protecting the screen from those annoying scratches. Not sure the screen protectors do anything for drop protection and hope to stop trying to find out :grinning:

We learned from accidents with our previous phones so started with cases and screen protectors for these phones from day one. Best thing we ever did. The cases are kind of old school…but they do the job!


Phone: Moto e4Plus
Case: Feitenn Wallet Flip case w/ magnetic closure
Screen Protector: tempered glass
I like the simple, slim flip case. It has a card holder on one side and keeps the phone secure on the other side. I can’t tell you how many times the case & screen protector have saved my phone. Just this week it got knocked off the counter, onto the tile floor…and no cracked screen or other issues! I’ve made the mistake before of not getting a case & screen protector right away for a new phone and paid the price with a cracked screen, so now I always wait for all the equipment to arrive before using any new devices.


I found a tpu case for the G7 that works perfectly. Case is made up of two pieces - a bumper and a detachable back part. I use the bumper by itself and phone is protected against drops from seating position. I use nano explosion proof screen protectors. These are better than glass screen protectors imo. These are soft flexible but feels like glass. Provides more shock absorption than glass. There are two types of these. The regular one usually comes in blue backing. The other better one has white backing.

Insurance experience: I have purchased square trade in the past multiple times for phones and other stuff. Only used it one time for a phone and once or twice for other things. Zero hassle process with square trade. You have to register your product. I always signed up phones as electronics. I use mid to low end phones now like the G7. But If I use higher end phone in the future, I’ll get square trade.


I use a flip cover case as well, and have since my first generation Moto G through my current G5S plus. I have never used a separate screen protector.

I work in an industrial environment onboard ships, and usually have to carry my phone in my chest pocket on my coveralls. I find myself leaning over equipment I am working on, and often only realize (too late) that the discomfort I am feeling is my phone digging into my chest as it’s holding my weight up…

A bunch of the guys at work give me grief because the styling of the case isn’t something they would choose, but I’m the guy without a cracked screen… Unfortunately it did fall into about 3 inches of water once, but a quick dry off and it’s still going strong


I currently have a aluminum bumper case (with a thin silicone liner between the phone and the bumper) on my Moto Z3 play with a Incipio wireless charging battery Moto Mod (if it wasn’t for the battery Mod I would have the phone in a wallet case)

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I have a Moto G4 phone. I purchased my DuroCase case off of Amazon and I love it. It has a picture of a cat and a galaxy on the back. It also has a kickstand which comes in handy when recharging the phone because of the heat. It lets air flow in. Being the klutz that I am, I have been extremely lucky to not have dropped or bumped my phone anywhere. But as an added precaution I also have it in an old cloth camera bag. It fits in it perfectly. Also helps insulate the phone in this dry hot Arizona heat. When I go to church I don’t take my phone with me. I keep it in an insulated bag with a small ice pack separated with strips of cardboard so it doesn’t get too cold.
I have been blessed to have a great phone, cover and service.


I have a Moto X4, a notoriously slippery phone. I use a clear silicone case made by Cimo. It fits the phone perfectly, isn’t bulky, allows the phone to be seen in all of its glory, and provides significant grip.

I do not use a screen protector. The case provides sufficient protection for the Gorilla Glass screen when I lay the phone face down and protection for the raised camera lens when I lay the phone face up.

I carry the phone in a nylon canvas belt pouch with Velcro closure and soft inside cushioning. There is no danger of the phone falling from, or getting scratched in, a pocket. I have had the phone for 2 years and there are no scratches or other signs of wear on the screen or body of the Moto X4.


I made a deal with my granddaughter to encourage her to save more long term funds by offering to give her my Moto X4.
It has a glass screen protector which had helped it to already survive a trip down a flight of 14 steps. The case is a clear case which came as a bonus from B&H.
She painted the inside of the case to give it a personal touch, and my wife also requested her Moto X4 case be painted with a different scene.


I carry a Samsung S8 with a soft, clear plastic case. I like this case because it rises above the screen ever so slightly letting me put the phone on the table screen-down without scratching it. My fingers cling to the soft plastic making it unlikely I will drop the phone. Best of all, this nice case was given to me by one of the nicest Republic Wireless customers you might be lucky enough to know.

I knocked the phone from my kitchen counter to a hardwood floor. I didn’t see how it landed but it wasn’t damaged.


I use a Pushimei G Power case. It’s clear soft plastic with a raised edge to protect the screen and beefed up corners to protect from drops. It was cheap too. I don’t use a screen protector or have insurance. My Moto G Power seems to do just fine without one.

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Current phone is a new upgrade Samsung Galaxy S9. (Previous lineage, Moto Defy, Moto X1, Moto X2, Moto G5s+).

Starting with the Moto X2 I have always used a case. Never have broken a phone or screen but I find them too slick or too thin nowdays. Cases help the grip.

Current case is B Belk soft wood, hybrid tpu case. Bought it as another basic case that looks good and got good reviews. It works fine.

The B Belk coincidentally was my second choice. Preferred what I thought too be the “perfect case” which had a finger ring, stand, and disk for my magnetic mount. This was the only time I’ve ever waited the arrival of a new case with anticipation. But when it was one day away from being delivered, Amazon notified me that something happened to the shipment en route and it wouldn’t be delivered. I went back online, and the “perfect” was out of stock.

Tried a screen protector once but didn’t like it.

Never have had insurance. Maybe my credit card has some minor, buyers protection program.

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My favorite case is one that I bought just because it was cheap, for my Moto e6. Around 10 bucks.

I love it because it feels a little more substantial than a lot of other budget hard case/tpu combination phones, and particularly because of its texture. It has a matte, slightly “rubberized” feel to the exterior hard case, which means that it is excellent for grip. This means I can pull it out of my pocket easily, without it catching because of too much grip, but also without slipping from my fingers as I try to negotiate the tight space. It’s also easy to prop it up against something to watch a video, without worrying about it slipping.

I recently bought a Moto Stylus, and have tried similar budget cases and am currently waiting on a third, to try to replicate what I loved about the Moto e6 case. I wish Idealine made an identical version for the Moto stylus, but alas. So far, my main problem is trying to find a heavy duty hard case that is nice and “grippy.”

I have owned an Otterbox in the past, but have liked budget versions of phone cases just as much in the past, so I typically go the budget route. We’ll see how things go for me this time round with the Stylus.

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Do not pay forty+ bucks for this case from Republic Wireless. It’s a cheap, slimy, slender case that begs to fly out of your hands. If I had a question here, it would be: Why does Republic Wireless choose to carry such a piece of garbage for sale at such a price. Note that I’m out $40+ bucks because I scored the sides of this case with a hacksaw so I could hold onto it. Republic won’t let me return it damaged.

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I found a back shell with a rubber edge that covers the buttons on the side for the Moto E4. It is raised slightly around the camera on the back which provides protection for the lens. There are cutouts on the top and bottom edges for the 3.5mm and USB ports, etc. The back is mostly clear with either red, blue, pink or black color around the edge. It fits well and is a lot like the “Grip Shell” for the original Moto G. They were boxed and sold by Metro PCS originally but are now on ebay. The link is below and I have nothing to do with it other than having bought 2 for my phone.

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