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I made a post on the Community Forum a couple of weeks ago, asking about a replacement case for my Moto G4. I previously had a Diztronic case(no longer available for the G4?) which I really liked, but the tab to turn the screen off and on broke. I purchased an inexpensive case from eBay which was clear and smugged easily, but the reason I disliked it was that the on/off button for the screen required much more effort than the Diztronic. It was really a nuisance. I was offered an Incipio DualPro case if I’d agree to do an honest review. I have never owned a two-piece case before, so I wasn’t sure of what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised with the materials that the two parts were made of. I was concerned that the outer shell might be a cheap, hard plastic, which it is not. The shell is matte, which I really like, and the on/off button is easy to press. The quality of this case is better than any I’ve previously owned, although I was very pleased with the Diztronic and would have bought another, if available. I do think this case is a little heavier than any of the one-piece cases that I’ve owned, but that does not concern me. Putting the two components on the phone was very easy. This case should be the last one that I’ll purchase for the G4. :relaxed:


I use an Incipio NGP case for my phone. I like it because it is so slim, some think I have no case. Everyone I see (family, mostly) has a large, bulky case, I suppose thinking the bulk will better protect the phone. Mine is tight, and at the time I bought it (many years ago), they had purple for me, and black for my husband. Now, for this phone (Moto E4), they seem to just have black. But it’s a reasonable $20 and free shipping.
Once, I was on a ladder and dropped my phone to the concrete below. No issues after. I do use a plastic screen protector, but am not sure that’s even necessary. I love my case! When I upgrade my phone eventually, I’ll go for the same case.



I am a beta member of Republic Wireless and love, LOVE the service and idea of community.

During the Back to School special, I purchased 2 Moto G6 phones; upgrading from a Moto X2. The special included a charger, and 3 months of free cell data. When my 3 months are up, I will have a My Choice plan with 1 GB of data.

While seeking recommendations from the community on the best case to protect the glass back of my new phone, I was offered the opportunity to review the Incipio NGP case for Moto G6. So I placed my order for the clear model and waited.

The NGP case arrived quickly and I was anxious to get it on my phone. The case went on the phone easily, and fits like a glove. The phone remains thin because the case case isn’t bulky. One problem, the case is smooth and therefore, slick. I would like a case with more “grip”, especially on the sides, so when I whip it out of my purse, I don’t throw my phone across the room or front seat (don’t text and drive)!

Except for the lack of texture, the case is a perfectly fine, soft phone cover. Oddly enough, the bottom third of the clear case is frosted and I don’t care for that feature.

If you are seeking a high quality, tear resistant, soft phone cover, Incipio has a reputation for good quality and performance and the NGP won’t disappoint.

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