Case Reviews: Lifeproof

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I swear by Lifeproof. I am a fumbler and am always Juggling and flipping my phone on the floor or occasionally across the room. It has saved my Samsung S7 for a couple years. Never had any crack in my screen and it kept on ticking after hitting the floor to many times to count. It’s also not bulky at all. When I read the good reviews and bought mine I wondered how it could really protect my phone being so slim but it did. I had to occasionally open it up and clean the screen cover. I don’t know how but pet hair is insidious and somehow manages to get into sealed things. I wish they made it for more phone brands then they do but if they make it for yours I highly recommend it. I’m so pleased with it that I just bought and gifted one to my son in law for his iphone. He’s hard on phones like me.

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