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So, I bought my phone in November - 2014. It’s a Moto G. Not a G5 or G6; just plain G. With it, I purchased the Otter box defender and regular screen protector. I have yet to change the protector, even though there is a small bubble around the speaker hole. Just five months ago the hard plastic part of the cover snapped in two probably because I had one of those metal plates so it could stick to a magnet in between the case and phone. The rubber part of the case is mostly in tack even though the bottom has split a little and tore off. My phone will hit the floor a couple times a week but what’s left of the rubber still keeps its cool.


I have the original Moto X and the first thing I did was put it in an Otterbox Defender. I’ve managed to drop the phone on a variety of surfaces and the Defender has done it’s job. I also put a screen protector on it, though the case covers both sides of the phone so I don’t know that it was necessary. I’m not sure how many years I’ve had this phone now - 6 maybe? - but it’s still working perfectly. I also like the convenience of being able to use the built in clip on the case to attach the phone to my belt. Would definitely recommend it.


I have a Moto G FIRST GEN that I got the summer of 2014.
The phone was $150 and the Otterbox Defender was $50 (The plastic screen protector came with the case.)
My investment in a case has paid off.
My phone and case are still in great shape.

There have been MANY times that I’ve dropped my phone, including on cement pavement (usually I’m carrying a pile of something and the phone is on top)… and the phone has always been fine.


My favorite cases are made by Otterbox. My first RW phone was a Moto X, and I was able to get the Otterbox Commuter for it, and it protected it from drops and hard use. My youngest daughter is visually impaired, and ended up needing an iPhone (the UI is better able to be adjusted to work for her limited vision. Knowing that the display glass on these is fairly fragile, I insisted that she use an Otterbox Defender, which includes a screen protector. (Side note: Hoping folk’s beta testing for iPhone on RW bears fruit, because i would love to bring her number to RW!) You pay more for the Otter, but I look at it as an insurance policy. I will pay $50 to protect a phone at least 3x that amount. I think these would be advantageous for the glass-backed phones that are out there as well.

Unfortunately, Otter doesn’t make one for my Moto G5, so I have kind of an off brand, but made sure it has a rubber liner and hard outside shell to protect it from drops, and I use a glass screen protector (which right now has a crack in it, but better than my phone display!


I have a Google Pixel 3a, which is only the second smart phone I’ve ever owned.
I had the worst experience with basic phones, like going through 3 a year.
When I purchased my first smart phone, I knew I needed to get security down pat with it.

The one product I tell everyone I know to get is:
Zagg Invisible Shield- Glass Screen Protector.
Some may think the price is a little steep, but it has a lifetime warranty and they will replace it if it cracks.
I also credit this glass screen to saving my phone (and wallet) a few times.

In addition to that, I’ve had good luck with Otterbox cases.
While I have had a few crack, they are also great with their 1 year warranty and you can replace it as many times as needed within that one year. They provide great front support- as far as the case and rubber edges hit the ground rather than your screen.

I like to switch out my cases but always play it safe, even if some of the cases I visually like more, it isn’t worth breaking my phone over.


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Depending on what you’re looking for, the OtterBox Prefix Case for Moto E5 Play could be a good option.


  • Fits well
  • Simple design
  • Seems like it provides good protection, though I’m not planning to test it :slight_smile:
  • Camera opening actually fits the “M” logo on the back, unlike most Moto E5 Play cases on the market which are designed for the fingerprint version that has the logo slightly higher up on the back. (Those cases end up partially covering the “M” on the Moto E5 Play that Republic carries.)


  • Expensive compared to options available elsewhere, e.g. Amazon, Walmart, eBay
  • Not very grippy/tacky, so prone to slipping, especially if you use your phone one-handed (navigating the screen with the thumb of the same hand you hold the phone with)
  • Buttons on the right side take a lot of effort to push
  • Average in bulkiness, i.e. a “con” if you’re looking for slim

For me, I prefer something slimmer and more grippy, so I gave the case to my wife who is using it instead - she has the same phone. She doesn’t care about it not being very slim because she keeps it in her purse, not her pocket. And the grip isn’t as important to her since she’s more of a two-handed user (holds it in one hand and uses the other for screen navigation) so it’s less likely to slip out of her grasp. She’s not a fan of the stiff buttons though.

Thank you, @southpaw!


Thanks for the review @markarchibald. I hope you find a slim, grippy case that meets your needs!

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