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So, this isn’t the ultimate case because the ultimate case isn’t available for my Moto G7… I want a case that adds zero bulk, provides protection, and has good grip. Can’t find the combo. And with the sleekness of the white GUY, I didn’t want to hide it. My first case didn’t last long so I invested more in this one by Poetic. It has a screen be protector built in. Normally I don’t bother, but I scratched in I the first few days of ownership. The screen protector hides that scratch, somehow.

I don’t have insurance. Is that a thing on a BYOD phone? These things are durable. And ATT made me bitter years ago when I realized, after dropping a phone in a lake, it would have been cheaper to never pay the insurance then pay the deductible. I backed over my last phone with my SUV. One crack in the screen that you couldn’t see, but you could see the the adjacent pixels no longer had the same brightness. It still works perfectly and is my backup. I even
plan on fixing it…


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