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I always get a case for my phones. I cringe when I see nekked cell phones. I got a Trident case I loved for the original Moto X I had for 5 years and some kind of screen protector. When I got the Moto X4 in 2018 there were no Trident cases for it but I got a Spigen case which has served well, and a healing plastic screen protector. Two and a half years later it’s no worse for wear even after several unpleasant parking lot spills. Using this phone as-is with the silly slick glass back would have been a nightmare.


I’ve got a Spigen kickstand case on my Moto G6. It’s been a good choice. I’m a little clumsy, and I insist on carrying my phone in my shirt pocket. I’ve dropped the phone from 5ft+ countless times over the last 2 years, and while there are some little knicks and scratches on the case, no damage to the phone itself.

My best oops with this phone was last summer. We were in Bastogne, trying to take a group photo on top of the Mardasson Memorial. I have the kickstand out, used a stack of coins to stabilize things so that everyone was in the shot and we could use the timer. Of course, when I tapped the screen to start the timer it moved, I panicked, and ended up knocking the phone off the memorial and watched it fall the 40 feet or so to the ground. Not a scratch!


Two-ish years ago, I decided to try a little experiment. I’ve always been the kind of person to have a less expensive phone because the more expensive ones weren’t worth it. However, I really wanted a good camera and I wasn’t crazy about my options. I had the cash to buy a more expensive phone and splurged on the Pixel 3. (Had I known the Pixel 3a was coming, I might have waited).

I also bought a neat new case from Google. The case turned out to be super slippery in my hands. After 1 week, not only had I dropped the case a few times, but I let my daughter use it to film a report for school and she dropped it… on the rocks … and it perfectly splintered the camera cover. I had to get that replaced at the tune of $100 unless I permanently wanted all the new pictures to be blurry.

Time for a new case. I had previously used a Spigen case for my Nexus 5x and decided to get another Spigen case for my Pixel 3. It was definitely the right move. The case was sturdy and less slipper in my hands. The edges were raised so that I could put the phone upside down and not worry about scratching the glass. It’s still doing really well 2 years later and I don’t see any reason to replace it until I get a new phone. Meanwhile, I handed my old Nexus 5x to my daughter and that Spigen case is now going on four years and doing great as well.

I did try a screen protector for my Pixel 3. However, in my experience, screen protectors interfere with the experience. I’ve never liked them, mostly in part to the fact that my fingers aren’t as detectable, especially in winter when it’s dry and I’m putting lotion on a lot. The screen protector interfered too much with the screen and my fingers. I’ve had this on other phones too, and I know it’s really a me problem.

Another phone safety feature I ended up getting was a Spigen ring on the back of my case. I have a tendency to drop my phone when I get distracted and this helps a lot by letting me put a finger in the ring when I use it. If someone distracts me, it won’t just slip out of my hands.

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