Case Reviews: Tudia

Please reply in this topic to share your thoughts about a Tudia case you have used on your phone.

Helpful information to include:

  1. The brand and model of the case and your phone model
  2. Why you like or dislike this case
  3. Any special features it has that make it particularly useful or especially protective
  4. How easy it is to put on and remove from your phone
  5. A photo of the case on your phone, if you have one available

I have a Tudia case for my Moto X4 only because it was what was available when I ordered the phone. Otherwise, I usually go with Bodyglove or Otterbox. So far, this case has done its job at protecting my phone. I’m disappointed that I got the pretty, blue Moto X4 and then had to cover it up with a case.

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