Cases for Huawei Ascend 5W

Does anyone know anything about cases for the Huawei Ascend 5W. I ordered two with the promotion but can’t find any type of case that works for it. If I can’t get a case for it then I’m not sure if I want it doesn’t take much for a phone to breaks.

I would assume that since the phone is both new and imported, cases may not be available for it specifically for a little while. I can’t find the link again, but I saw somewhere that RW plans to have cases available for it in their online store “soon”.

Huawei Ascend 5W - need more pictures to match case

Hi @thomasp.oj5h4m,

Just received my Ascend 5W this morning. As has been confirmed elsewhere in Community it appears to be a rebadged version of the Huawei GR 5W. It’s box says Huawei GR 5W rather than Ascend 5W.

The dimensions do not match

GR 5W Height 151.3mm Width 76.3mm Depth 8.15mm Weight 158g

Ascend 5W H 152.4 W 76.4 D 8.4 Weight 158.8
Of course if someone failed to measure correctly

or the phones are close enough and they just reused the packaging

Published specs are not infallible. Candidly, I don’t yet have a definitive answer and won’t until I have an opportunity to acquire a case. I just got the phone today. The Huawei box it came in says it’s a GR 5W. Every bit of information on the Internet (also not infallible) indicates the GR 5W is a rebadged Honor 5X. I’m prepared to gamble a small investment to see if what appears to be true is actually correct but even Amazon drone won’t put a case in my hands today.

Agreed, either measure could be wrong currently you are the only one who can solve the riddle for us. What about those kiosks in the mall would they have one for you to test? If it is truly a rebadged honor we miight be able to order a sim card please keep us up to date on your findings

I notice the honor 5x is selling $159- $199

I can attest that the GR5 / Honor 5x case fits great. By recommendation from @rolandh and @coreyk, I purchased the following case. I have it on my 5W at the moment. It’s a little bulky but a perfect fit from what I can tell.

Thanks @rolandh and @coreyk!

Thanks @benordby .

From 10-05-16…Orzly Case For Huawei GR 5W Smartphone - YouTube

Published on Oct 5, 2016

Orzly Case For Huawei GR 5W Smartphone

2 months before the 5w was releaded

It was released in other countries prior to the US/RW. There are a couple of box opening videos on YT also.

Two questions:

1.) Where can I buy the Orzly Case For Huawei GR 5W Smartphone? I saw the video for it on YouTube.

2.) Does the 5W come with a screen protector already on it? It looks like it is, but I don’t want to start trying to chip it off to find out. Or should I buy a screen protector?


1). Dunno, but I saw that video and noticed that the holes for the bottom speakers didn’t align very well. Might be something to consider.

2). Yes, there’s a screen protector and it collects fingerprints like crazy. I peeled mine off immediately because I like to live dangerously.


A simple Google, voila…

Great to hear @benordby

As fate would have it, that is the case I purchased. Still waiting for it, but glad to know it fits.

I have this extra case. It’s new and unopened. It fits the Ascend 5W perfectly.

Orzly - FlexiCase for HUAWEI HONOR 5X Ascend 5w or GR5 Flexible Silicon Gel Case | eBay

Howdy Everyone,

I thought I’d share with everyone what I found and why. It was all cheap and cost efficient!

Case:I got a case with the card holder built in. It was a good cheap price and was tight, but well worth it. I have cards and phone in it and the phone fits well.! No adjustment needed.

J&D Huawei Honor 5X [Wallet Stand] PU Leather Flip Cover Wallet Case | eBay

Power Bank: As for the power. I found this sweety and love it. It’s about the sized of the phone I mean really close and has 20K Mah of power. Well that’s what it says, but even half of that is good! It’s lighter than the phone which was amazing! Adapters was a surprise it has an adapter for all major phones. Mini and Micro USB, Apple 6 and corresponding, plus Erickson. Has different colors.

Ultrathin 20000mAh Portable External Battery Charger Power Bank for Cell Phone | eBay

I spent 21.45 + tax with free shipping!

I’m a happy camper and if you go this route I hope you are also!

Note: The case is kinda stiff, but I had one on my MotoE and when it broke in it was great.

Was wondering if anybody has tried the Huawei GR 5W screen protector on the Ascend? and if so how did it fit? would like to by a glass screen protector. Thank you

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