Cases for Moto E5 Play XT1921-2


I’m trying to find a good slim and grippy case for my Moto E5 Play. It seems like most of the ones out there are not for the XT1921-2 model that Republic sells but for a different model that has the “M” logo slightly higher up on the back. Any advice?

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The key is that the case needs to be for the E5 PLAY and not the plain E5 or E5 Plus or E5 Lunar or any of the other 1,000 variations Moto has decided to make. These cases should work:

Looking at the search results, I’m noticing what you’re saying that some of the E5 Play’s appear to have the Moto logo up higher. I’ve spent a little bit of time searching and what it appears to me (I can’t guarantee though) is that some are using pre-release renders of the phone and that the cases are actually right for the version of the phone you have. Have you tried a case and actually had it not fit?


Interesting. I hadn’t thought of that. No, I haven’t tried a case yet. However, even looking at the E5 Play on Motorola’s website, the logo is higher than the Republic one. Maybe it’s the fingerprint version that has the logo higher?


Honestly, I’m completely confused. I don’t have any idea whey the e5 Play on the Motorola website appears to have different specs than the e5 Play sold by Republic. Utterly confused.


Wait – Here’s the footnote from Motorola: “Fingerprint Reader available on certain models, including models from Verizon and Comcast. Fingerprint Reader not available on certain models, including models from Sprint, T-Mobile, MetroPCS, Cricket, and the GSM-Unlocked model sold on Please check with your seller for more info.”

So, INSANITY is that Moto has made at least 7 versions of the Moto E5 Play, 2 with fingerprint reader, 5 without. I have no idea if there are actual physical differences.


Here. This one looks grippy, is cheap, and comes in 8 different colors. I don’t have any experience with it, however:


Hi @markarchibald,

Given the uncertainty surrounding variants of Moto’s E5 Play, perhaps, a trip to Best Buy would be worthwhile. If one is local to you, they sell the same unlocked variant as Republic. Perhaps, they might stock an appropriate case?


The OP might check the Best Buy website first. It shows 5 different cases available, but none in stock within 120 miles of my area. Maybe the OP will have better luck.


You could of course get one of the two Republic sells: Accessories | Republic Wireless


Those don’t look “grippy” though, right? Otherwise, we could certainly help @markarchibald try one of them out.


Not like raised bump grippy, but we have that Speck case (on a different phone) and the TPU material is, I’m not sure, maybe tacky is the better word?


the otterBox case does have some ridges to help with grip on the edges
from their web-page


Ok @markarchibald,

What do you think? Would you like to try the “tacky” (in a tactile sense) Speck case, or the ridged-edged Otterbox Prefix?

If you will promise me (no fingers crossed!) you’ll write a completely non-biased, honest review of the case after you’ve tried it out for a few days, and submit that here in our #reviews category, I’d be glad to send you one of these cases at no cost.


Thanks for all the help, everyone!

@southpaw, sure, I’d love to try the OtterBox one and I promise to submit a legit review. Thank you!


If anyone is interested, you can check out my review here.

Thanks, @southpaw!