Casting to Chrome Cast on YouTube TV kills sound

This just started after a recent phone “Update”.

While casting a YouTube TV show everything works fine until, I go back to my phone to Fast Forward, as soon as my phone goes through the Unlock routine the sound is killed. The only way to restore it is to hold down the volume up button {which the screen shows the level is starting from Zero} until volume is restored.

Yes this could be a Google/YouTube TV issue, but as anyone knows getting any answer from them vs help from the RW community is vastly different.

Thoughts??? Thanks!

Hi @craigw.vkuxs3

Which model phone are you using when this occurs?

Are you referring to a recent Android update or an app - e.g. YouTube?

Does sound work when you are casting a via a different app?

Thanks for taking the time to reply johnny5. It is a Moto G7 Power and it “SEEMED” to correlate to an Android update. I don’t know of any YouTube TV update in the last few days.

My other system, an NVIDIA Shield has a native YouTube TV app and does not exhibit this condition as all commands are handled by that app and hardware. No casting is involved.

Google Casting works fairly well from the G7 albeit sometimes you FF only to find you are earlier in the show rather than later. Fat fingers could explain this issue.

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