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Got a new CDMA SIM from republic to replace my GSM SIM for my Moto G4 play. I can no longer talk on the phone and surf while on the LTE network. I dropped a ticket with Republic waiting to hear back. I was told by a rep with Republic that you can not talk and surf at the same time on CDMA. I could do both on my Moto x 1st

You cannot have a cellular call and cellular data at the same time with the CDMA carrier. You can do this on Wi-Fi, however.

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Support is correct. That one of Sprint’s LTE limitations.

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Hi @marcc.81wu6a,

For reasons not entirely clear to me, I believe you are correct about the experience on your Moto X1. As I never owned that phone, I cannot personally confirm but have seen reports to that effect in Community.

Generally CDMA technology is incapable of simultaneous voice and data on cell. GSM technology, on the other hand, has always been capable of this.

Republic’s intent in providing the CDMA SIM is to improve your coverage experience. Despite references to a GSM network partner and a CDMA network partner, neither technology inherently has anything to do with coverage. If Republic’s CDMA partner switched to GSM technology or its’ GSM partner switched to CDMA, their respective native coverage footprints would remain the same.

If despite Republic’s intent to provide improved coverage, you found GSM coverage to be adequate and prefer the ability to do simultaneous voice and data on cell, respond to that effect on your ticket. It should be possible to go back with support’s assistance.

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Once Sprint introduced Spark or advance LTE (after the Moto X 1st Gen) this stop being possible

Spark/Sprint Advance LTE hijacks the CDMA radio to bond channels of LTE when ever CDMA is in use (and therefor when CDMA radio is used for Voice LTE is not used)

this is/was true for the Moto X 2nd, Moto E 2nd, Moto G 3rd

this is true for all Spark/advance LTE phones on the Sprint Network (the Moto X 1st was pre-Spark)

I don’t think Verizon did this for their advance LTE

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