CDMA Compatability

I’m considering buying a Samsung Galaxy A02s phone from Republic.
But, there’s a notice in the description that it cannot be used on Republic’s CDMA network.
What does that mean?
Can I still activate and use the phone?
Also, I think I read something about a sim card.
Is that a factor?

This indicates that the phone can not be activated on the legacy Sprint network. That would mean that in the short-term, while that network still exists, if you don’t have good T-Mobile coverage and would prefer Sprint coverage, this isn’t the phone for you.

Please note that Republic made an announcement today that all activations on the currently My Choice Plans must occur by 11/30. If you purchase this phone from Republic, the currently offered plans and the SIM card in the phone would need to be activated by the end of the month.

Thanks, louisdi,
I have very good T-mobile coverage where I live, so should the phone be OK to use?

Yes indeed.

Thanks again.
I will buy the phone from Republic ASAP :slightly_smiling_face:

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