CDMA confusion

Jus to be clear, the only way to get CDMA coverage is to buy one of the new phones, like the MOTO G4 play? There’s no way for current phones to be changed from GSM to CDMA?

Yes, that is the situation at this time. Also, not all of the new phones work with CDMA. Join the conversation here:

Republic Wireless 3.0 CDMA Update

No longer able to join the conversation, as it was locked yesterday. I guess I’m just pretty discouraged bc when we bought our new phones last summer, misunderstanding the whole GSM/CDMA issue, we were told that there would hopefully be a fix within the year and if we were patient, our existing phones would be able to be converted to CDMA. But now it seems like if we want to have any CDMA coverage, we would need to re-purchase our Moto G4 with the CDMA ability (which the coverage checker tool DOES recommend) since obviously we’re well past the 14-day return period. Am I understanding this correctly?

We have some coverage, and since we mostly use Wi-Fi it’s been manageable. But if we’re on the road or if our power goes out, we currently have little to no coverage in our area (contrary to all maps). We’d just been holding out hope that it would change and that we would be able to change a sim card or something one of these days. I understand that the whole CDMA thing is an ongoing, developing issue, but not sure how much more patience we have.


The discussion was locked … but the notification from Republic pointed to Republic Wireless Coverage Update and CDMA Availability which you may want to follow

Hi @lize.81rrgq,

I’ve reviewed your support ticket from a while back, and looked over your account and coverage area, and we’d love to try to help. Would you mind opening a new support ticket, and let me know once you’ve done so?

Just resubmitted a help ticket. Just fyi, we love Republic, we are really loathe to change our plans…so if there’s a solution, we are eager to do what we can. Glad at least that the new phones have CDMA options–we have several family members we had advised to wait before purchasing, and now we can encourage them to upgrade.

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