CDMA Network Sim Swap Galaxy s7 to s10e

Can I move sim card from Galaxy s7 to am unlocked S10e if my s7 is on the CDMA network?

Hi @jasonk.8mqiz6 - nope according to this Help Center Q&A.

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When i get a new phone, can I swap my old sim card or do I need a new one? Both phones would be on the old Sprint Network.

OK, but that article doesn’t specifically answer the question as it states “Deactivated CDMA SIM cards may not be able to be moved to a different phone for several reasons” This makes it sound like there is a chance a deactivated SIM card may work in a different phone.


Hi @jasonk.8mqiz6,

The answer remains no. A Republic compatible Samsung Galaxy S10e uses a different CDMA SIM than a Republic compatible Galaxy S7.

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Can I switch my current Galaxy s7 to GSM and then switch that GSM sim to my new s10e? Trying to figure out the quickest way to get on line with a new phone that I just ordered. It would be nice to be able to activate it the day it arrives.


Hi @jasonk.8mqiz6,

Theoretically, yes, however, it would make more sense to just activate the new Galaxy S10e on GSM. Do you know if GSM (T-Mobile network) coverage would work well in your area. If not, might we trouble you for a zip code (nothing more)?

Yes, assuming I can have a new sim sent prior to having the phone, which I didn’t think was possible. Primary Zip would be 43220, secondary would be 43040 and Third would be 43357

Hi @jasonk.8mqiz6,

There’s a reason your Galaxy S7 is provisioned for CDMA (Sprint network) coverage. While OK in the 1st referenced zip code, GSM (T-Mobile network) coverage is not particularly good in the second two zips.

Unlike their CDMA cousins a Republic GSM SIM works in any Republic compatible phone. Whether one would reach you before the Galaxy S10e would depends upon where the SIM is sourced from and selected shipping method.

your inquiry has been directed to a group of Republic Wireless Community Experts. We are not Republic employees. If you would prefer to have this conversation with Republic staff please let me know.

Republic’s unique (sufficiently unique to be patented) blended WiFi/cell service requires one of the carrier agnostic factory unlocked phones listed here: Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help. You’ll want to be certain the phone you wish to bring is an exact model number (and in some cases build number match) for those listed.

If you wish, you may acquire a GSM SIM from Republic here: SIM Card – Republic Wireless – Republic Wireless. Or, from Amazon here:

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it is a factory unlocked SM-G970U1

Hi @jasonk.8mqiz6,

Yes, that’s a Republic compatible Samsung Galaxy S10e. A Republic GSM SIM purchased from either Republic directly or Amazon would work in that phone. A Republic GSM SIM, will not, however, provide adequate coverage in two of the the zip codes you provided. If it were me, I’d ask Republic for a new CDMA SIM for the Galaxy S10e, which, yes, does mean waiting for the phone to be in hand before being able to make the request.

OK, sounds good, thanks for your help

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