I currently have a CDMA SIM card in my phone. I have a Republic GSM card I have not used. I get lousy reception where I work and was thinking about exchanging them. Is it advisable to do it now? Is there any reason not to, considering the changes that are coming about?

Because of the referenced changes, the GSM SIM in your possession can no longer be activated. Your only option for changing coverage with Republic would be to move to a new 5.0 plan.

Given. the ongoing issues with migration from My Choice to 5.0, I’d strongly suggest waiting on that if at all possible.

If you’re comfortable sharing your work zip code (nothing more), we’ll look to see what the maps suggest your experience should be on CDMA.

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That would be great 81643.

Is the new 5.0 plan CDMA or GSM and what provider does republic use for the 5.0 plan?

A new tower went in next to the ski area I work at (Powderhorn Mtn Resort). I’m told anecdotally that it is AT&T. I’m wondering if the 5.0 plan will use that?


CDMA (Sprint network) coverage in that zip shows as “Extended LTE” ( a fancy name for roaming). If the map is accurate, you should expect talk and text but no cell data there. Do you, at least, get talk and text?

Republic’s new 5.0 plans use AT&T’s network for coverage. As an aside, AT&T’s network uses GSM technology, however, on Republic’s previous My Choice plans GSM means T-Mobile’s network.

Yes!. That said, I implore you to wait attempting to move to 5.0 until the ongoing issue noted on Republic’s status page is cleared:

You should also know that, for now, moving to 5.0 requires jumping through some hoops among them creating a new account:

A more elegant process is under development and the hope is that it will be ready in early January. :crossed_fingers:

The map must be wrong I was at my job today and absolutely nothing on my phone. Seems I have had some service in the past. Isn’t there something that I can update on the phone that might help?

Does this include no calling, no texting, absolutely no signal at all?

Can you tell us which phone you have? (Sorry if you’ve done so, I may be overlooking it.)