CDMA SIM on RW 4.0

I have two Galaxy S7 unlocked phones on RW My Choice plans. One uses the CDMA SIM and works beautifully. At home there is no cell coverage. Zero! I use WIFI for everything, especially WIFI calling.

  1. With TMo purchase of Sprint (a CDMA network), will this CDMA RW SIM continue to work after the planned June 2022 shutdown of the Sprint CDMA network? Can it be converted to a RW TMo GSM SIM?
  2. The phone won’t upgrade to a 5.0 plan as it is not compatible with WIFI calling on the AT&T network. Without a RW solution, will this phone become a “brick” in June 2022?
  1. No, and no

  2. Just because it won’t support AT&T Wi-Fi calling doesn’t mean you can’t move it to a 5.0 plan (although if there’s no AT&T coverage in your home, there may not be a reason to move it to a 5.0 plan). And no, it’s not a brick. You can use it with any other cellular provider you want, or you can use it as a little Wi-Fi tablet. Or, you can get a Google Voice account, load up the app, and use it as a Wi-Fi phone.

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“there may not be a reason to move it to a 5.0”
“you can get a Google Voice account”
I thought I’d never see this on RW “wifi first”. How low can we go?

You received a reasonable and accurate answer.

“Thank you” usually works.

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Thank you for an accurate answer.