CDMA Sim support for the Samsung S9/S9+/Note9 family of phones


It’s been 3 months since I last asked when RepublicWireless will offer CDMA Sim support for the Samsung S9/S9+/Note9 family of phones.

I live in an area where T-mobile reception is non-existent, and I want a backup for WiFi when there’s a power outage. At least my current Moto X gets 1 bar on Sprint if I stand in the appropriate corner of my house.

Is there any news yet? Is Republic serious about making these phones available on Sprint?


Sorry this user provided reference Detailed Supported Phone Features still shows:

  • *Indicates that this phone is CDMA capable, but not yet supported with Republic at this time.


I assure you, Republic is quite serious. However, Sprint has mandated yet another SIM type on these new phones that Republic has to engineer for. That being said, I can tell you for sure that they’re working on it.


I appreciate the reply, and understand that the OTA Sim is new for Republic. That being said, I’ve been waiting since the S9 came out for a Republic CDMA solution. Are we talking 2018 or 2019?


I’m highly confident it will be 2018.


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When will the CDMA OTA Sim finally be available? Unfortunately, no news is NOT good news.

Detailed Supported Phone Features

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Nothing at the moment. I just want to see the most up-to-date version of the table, and that would be in the Wiki.


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Hi @ericf.p52ay1,

We are in the final stages of testing. Is there a specific phone you have or are waiting to purchase?

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Yes, the Samsung S9 / S9+ / Note9


Hi @ericf.p52ay1,

So that I understand when to update you, are these phones you already own, will be buying elsewhere, or hope to buy from Republic?


I don’t currently own a Samsung phone. I’ve been holding off from purchasing until RW certifies the CDMA sim because I don’t want to get stuck with a phone that can’t be switched to Sprint if the T-Mobile coverage is as poor as I’ve witnessed with visitors’ phones here.

I’m open to purchasing an S9 from RW, but RW doesn’t offer either the S9+ or the just released Note9 that I’m also considering. Presumably the IOT sim should also work in both of them.


Hi @ericf.p52ay1,

I didn’t realize when first replying to you that you had created a topic with this same question. I’ve moved our conversation on the matter from Detailed Supported Phone Features in order to focus the conversation in one place.

I won’t post a target date for the release of this SIM option, because target dates tend to be fluid. As i mentioned before, we are in the final stages of testing. The thing about testing, though, is that the purpose of testing is to look for issues, and if any are found, they delay release dates.

I’m also not comfortable with the presumption that the three phones you’ve named will be supported at launch. Support for BYOP models can sometimes take more time than support for the models we offer in our store. Let me check with our engineers on that and get an answer for you that will help you plan.

Thank you for you patience on this matter. Please know development has been ongoing for a very long time, and our teams are excited that the availability of this new SIM card is imminent.


Hi southpaw-

It had been 3 months since I opened the topic. Unfortunately no information about the S9 CDMA sim progress had been posted in that timeframe, so when I tried to ask for a status update, the topic was closed and I was unable to do so.


Hi @ericf.p52ay1,

I think you’re responding to my comment that I moved our conversation into this topic, but I’m not understanding what you mean about the topic being closed. This topic indicates it was opened 15 hours ago, and has never been closed.

Edited to add:

Ok, I think I see what you’re talking about. You have a previous conversation here: When will RW support Samsung S9 on CDMA network?
that closed due to inactivity.

We do not go back and update old conversations with “we’re still working on it” posts. We will make an announcement in our #news category when we have something to announce. After that original conversation, I had noted in my spreadsheet on SIM card availability to contact you personally when this new SIM card is available.

My comments about moving your conversation into one place were not about the closed topic. They were about two current topics - this one, and the conversation you and I were having in Detailed Supported Phone Features. The process of merging the two conversations was not meant in anyway way to be punitive, just to provide focus so we aren’t asking and answering the same things in multiple places.


thread can be close for a few reasons
one is there another thread that has the same or similar question and it was merged with that one another is if as there was no new activity in the tread post after 2 months the thread is automatically closed (and there been no published update as the new OTASIM is still not ready


Hi @ericf.p52ay1,

I’m told support for BYOP devices will be included in the initial launch of the new SIM card. We do not, however, currently support the Note9.


Hi @ericf.p52ay1

I believe this may be the news you have been waiting for.


Yes, it appears that the SIMOTA CDMA Sim card has been released for the Samsung S9 phone.

Thank you very much for letting me know.