CDMA Sim support for the Samsung S9/S9+/Note9 family of phones

I have now purchased an unlocked Samsung S9+ directly from Samsung (model SM-G965U???XAA), with an expected delivery date of 9/20/18. How do I order a new RW GSM Sim card for this BYO phone? I tried looking up this topic on the community but found no relevant information.

I plan on porting my current RW mobile phone # from my current Moto X1 (1st gen) to the new S9+, then porting my wife’s RW mobile # from her current Moto E (1st gen) to my Moto X (1st gen), in which I’ve installed a new OEM battery.

If the coverage for the GSM Sim card turns out to not be satisfactory, I would then request the new CDMA SIMOTA which was just released for the S9/S9+.

Thanks for your help.

Hi @ericf.p52ay1,

The BYOP SIM card is available here: Bring your own phone to Republic! | Republic Wireless

Just for the sake of clarity, please know that the process of moving a number from one phone to another with the same carrier is not porting. Any help articles you may find on how to port your number would lead you to frustration. Your number is moved from one phone to the other during the activation process. You log into the Republic app with the same Republic account credentials you use for the existing phones, and carefully select the phone number you’d like the new phone to acquire. That process will deactivate the old phone (freeing it up for your wife) and move the number to the new phone as it activates.

That process, if you should need it, is here:

Congratulation on a successful installation!

I hope you enjoy your new phone!

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Thanks very much for all your help :slight_smile:

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