CDMA sim to GSM sim?

With Sprint having been bought by TMobile, should I go ahead and switch my current sim card from cdma to the gsm sim card? Where I live (metro Atlanta) the service on both seems about the same. Next question, at some point will I have to do this? In the near future will TMobile shut down the use of cdma?

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Good Morning @johnd.8e056v,

For now, there is no reason to proactively switch the SIM in your phone. If you’re satisfied with your phone’s current coverage, I suggest if it’s not broken don’t fix it.

While true T-Mobile now owns Sprint"s Network, how that Network will be integrated with T-Mobile’s existing Network remains to be seen. One day in, perhaps in the not terribly distant future CDMA networks will go away but today, tomorrow and the next day are not those days.

When the day comes something T-Mobile does with its networks impacts Republic and its members, I’m confident Republic will have something to say.

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