CDMA sim to replace GSM for better cell calls, but now I dont get cell data useage?

So I had an old Moto G3 with what must have been a CDMA sim and got decent cell covereage. Upgraded to a new Moto G7 power; it came with a GSM sim and I noticed that the cell phone coverage was pretty poor in my immediate neighborhood, up to 20 minutes in one direction and 45 in another before I got a signal that would place a call. Wifi calling and data use worked fine at home and at work.

So, I got a CDMA sim for the new phone and now the cell talk coverage is great, but if I am not on wifi I cannot text or get anything that would use cell data. Even txt with no pictures won’t send.

I do have cell data turned on, even have roaming data turned on. no luck.

Any ideas?


Hi @lmpr8r,

Please see if this helps:

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