CDMA/Sprint Availability on 3.0 BYOP Phones?


Is there yet any way to tell which phones on the RW 3.0 plans support GSM/CDMA/Both? I’m not talking hardware capabiliies.

Latest update I could find when searching was November 2016 - almost a year ago.

I remember when RW 3.0 was touted, that was a big thing mentioned: options for CDMA and GSM. It’s been quite a while, so I’d hoped we’d have an update by now.


here the best list I found

All BYOD start with GSM partner as BYOD is GSM only, but if phone is capable to be activated on CDMA (as listed in above link) a help ticket can be used to convert it to CDMA and a new CDMA(LTE) SIM will be sent out
one should not Republic is having issues with new Models activating on their CDMA partner this is why the Moto E, Moto E Plus, Moto G5S, Moto Z2 Play , Pixel2 Pixel XL2 are not yet supported for CDMA


Hi @kjv1611,

We are still unable to initially activate any phone bought elsewhere on CDMA.

I see that @drm186 linked you the Help Article that lists the phones we sell and support for CDMA. Is there anything specific we can answer for you?


CDMA/GSM capability is a topic that makes all of my friend’s eyes glaze over so I understand what RW is thinking in this respect. These people, when ordering a phone, would be confused by and option to specify CDMA or GSM when placing an order.

This is further complicated by a difference in their MVNO agreements. One lets them tell us the name of the the host carrier, the other does not.

I would propose a compromise that partially deals with this dilemma. In the phone’s specifications include a carrier technology specification that mentions carriers in a general sense. For example compatible with GSM carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile, etc), compatible with CDMA carriers (Sprint, Verizon, etc.) or compatible with all major carriers. The specification would have a footnote telling the reader that a particular carrier will only accept models certified for use with their service.

This compromise doesn’t solve the ordering problem and as long as RW’s contract with their GSM carrier prohibits them from mentioning that carrier’s name or directing them to that carrier’s coverage map they are stuck with shipping a phone that they think will best serve the ZIP code in which their customer resides. Unfortunately the ZIP code where one lives can have remarkably different coverage from where they work or frequently travel.

I’ve found a few serious flaws in the coverage checker and have had to work around them by cherry picking the ZIP code I apply in the coverage checker immediately prior to ordering a phone. For example, my ZIP gets me a CDMA phone (if ordered from RW) but my GSM phone provides me with better overall coverage than I had when I was on CDMA. My daughter’s ZIP shows no cell service at all but that ZIP does have CDMA roaming coverage and native GSM coverage. Simply stated, it is impossible to create a coverage checker that knows the real world situation their customer deals with.


I had no idea it was possible to swap from GSM to CDMA once started. It makes me want to go ahead and convert my GSM to CDMA. If I decide to go ahead and request changing to CDMA for my phone, do I need to submit a ticket? I hesitate for 2 reasons:

  1. The SIM tray is of cheap build quality in the Galaxy S7, so I am not sure it’s worth the risk for me.
  2. Right now, we have one Verizon phone (work), one GSMA (my S7), and one Sprint CDMA (Moto X2), so we have nice coverage options whenever we travel.

So if I were to say buy another S7 or Moto Z2 Play or whatever, does this mean I’d have to first start with GSM and then after already paid for that card, activated, then put in a ticket requesting to switch the phone to CDMA?


They are all rather fragile because the space for the tray if quite small. I’ve swapped SIMs in my S7 several times without breaking the tray but I do prefer the way Motorola accommodates the SIM on models with removable backs.

I don’t know where you live but RW phones (at least the legacy models) lost their ability to message while roaming in much of ND and western MN. Switching from CDMA to GSM overcame this shortcoming.


If you find that your GSM coverage is inadequate, you would open a support ticket and we would work with you to determine whether a different SIM card would improve your experience.


yes all BYOD need to start on GSM with a BYOD SIM
only GSM phone can be change with just a move of the SIM and the official recommendation is to use a new SIM when changing Phones

also not the Moto Z2 Play is not yet usable on Republic for CDMA but they are working on it


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