CDMA vs GSM Sim Card

What phone do you have? Pixel XL

What plan are you on? My Choice

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? data

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When we moved to southern Utah 3 years ago it was determined that a CDMA Sim would serve us better than the GSM. We discovered it was slightly better. However we travel the Interstate system to and from the Midwest and experience sometimes three hour stretches in Utah and Kansas with no service or roaming only service. This gets irritating. Would a GSM card serve us better as we travel? The difference around our home is so insignificant we would switch back to GSM if it meant better coverage while traveling.

Hi @dennisf,

The answer is perhaps? What does Republic’s GSM map tell you for these areas: Coverage Map – Republic Wireless?

The map looks better around our home than what we experience on CDMA. Looks about the same as we experience when traveling I-70.

You may want to take a look at RootMetrics They provide a coverage map that allows selection by carrier (Sprint/CDMA) or T-Mobile(GSM) for Republic.

If two of you have Republic phones, you might want to consider having one with GSM and the other with CDMA. That’s what my wife and I do, and we have coverage just about everywhere. Either phone can become a hotspot providing a Wi-fi connection to the other phone, so if we’re stuck in a campground with only one service, both phones will work.

The Root Metrics map show better coverage across Western Kansas (on both CDMA and GSM) than we have ever experienced. Basically, both of our phones (both CDMA) go to roaming after Burlington, Colorado and do not find a data network until Salina. Maybe it is our phones.

Thanks @davidw.ctd2jy

We may try that before our next travel.

What your phones are doing appear about right to me based on the Sprint maps. I would definitely try one of your phones with GSM (T-Mobile) coverage on that route.

I live in the Kansas section on I-70 that you mentioned…Colby to be exact. I was on RW’s CDMA phone for 4 years. From what I’ve found is there are NO Sprint towers on I-70 (or western Kansas) west of Salina until you get to metro Denver. Voice will roam on Version which as very good coverage. Data roaming was so expensive that I turned off that feature.

For the last 1 1/2 years I have RW’s GSM. It is very good in Colby for voice and data. However I previously have found no data service until I reached Salina. Colby has only had it’s T-Mobile tower for 2 years. I see from the Root Metrics map (select T-Mobile and Fastest Speed Found…at the fast locations have the T-Mobile towers) that they now have added towers for the stretch about 2 1/2 hrs west of Salina. Oakley (east of Colby 25 miles) has approved an T-Mobile tower to be built. So they must still be expanding the coverage along I-70.

But as far as I know you can not get Data while roaming on AT&T’s towers around this area of the State. I was in Goodland last weekend (west of Colby) and had no Data service and the map show AT&T has fast data service there.

Republic does not offer data roaming on the My Choice Plans so regardless of whether the tower offers it or not, you would get talk/text only.


and if the towers don’t offer data then one would only get talk (as texts are IP base that require a data connection even when roaming, there is no user access data while roaming)

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