Cdma vs gsm, told only cdma works in my area

Rupublic advised me I need cdma in my area and gsm doesn’t. Most phones only have gsm now and phones on republic have gsm . What up with this?

Your mote g7 says only gsm, this one shows cdma and gsm, will this one work with republic?

@michaelg.ey0t2q - you might want to look at the information about the G7 in this document.

Lot of good information. Hope it helps.

Another item in the Tips & Tricks (user provided and maintained information that sheds additional light is Detailed Supported Phone Features provides this info on the

G7 family with the following define of the * in the Sprint SIM Type column

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Hi @michaelg.ey0t2q,

You’ve posed a great question!

Republic Wireless offers coverage through partnerships with two different carriers. We tend to refer to them as our “CDMA” and “GSM” carriers.

The majority of the world’s cell carriers use GSM technology. So, understandably, the majority of the cell phones being produced have GSM technology built into them.

Some phones also support CDMA technology, so if you get one of those phones, it’s like a bonus - you’ve bought a phone that allows you a few more options if you need to move around between carriers.

Recently, however, the cost of memory shot up. Cell phone manufacturers found themselves facing a tough question: keep all the features on the phones and raise phone prices, or cut something and keep budget-phone prices low?

Some manufacturers went with the option of finding something to cut in order to keep the budget tier of phones priced as low as possible. That something they cut out was the CDMA technology. Many of our budget-priced phones are GSM only now.

To complicate things even more, our CDMA carrier partner recently changed their SIM card requirements for phones released in 2019. Republic Wireless had to work with multiple companies to get new SIM card developed in order to continue to offer CDMA coverage. The development of that new SIM card has taken quite a while, and has been delayed multiple times. This means we have a few phones in our online store, like the G7 family, that do have the CDMA technology, but we can’t offer a SIM card for them yet. We’re working diligently to get those CDMA SIM cards produced, because we understand that our current online store offering is slim-to-none for those in areas where CDMA coverage would be ideal. So all the phones in the G7 family have the CDMA technology built into them, we just don’t have the SIM cards yet to be able to provide you coverage using that technology.

Please do keep in mind that it’s possible to bring a phone purchased elsewhere to Republic Wireless. You need to be careful to make sure you get a compatible phone - we support only the North American Factory Unlocked (not carrier-unlocked) version of the phones on our “supported” list. Currently Amazon carries a Moto G6 and a Moto X4 that we support and are CDMA capable. Because these are older phones, we do have CDMA SIM cards for these phones.

I hope that makes sense. I wanted to be sure you understand that a G7 purchased elsewhere isn’t going to work in your location, either; at least, not until we get those new SIM cards in.


I have been considering upgrading to the G7 so this is good info. Will there be an announcement indicating when the CDMA is available in the G7?

Hi @timt.eqmzu5,

Yes. I will post in our #news category when the new SIM card is available from support. If you already have the phone, we can add you to a waitlist, but if you are waiting to buy the phone, it would be better to simply watch for the announcement.

Don’t have the phone yet so I’ll be watching. Thanks

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