Cell and messages not working without internet

What phone do you have? Pixel 3A

What plan are you on? basic

Just talk and text or just talk & text?

Issue Description

Talk and text only work when I’m connected. I just bought this refurbished and everything transferred from my old moto e6.

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Thanks!! I did all the steps and will check it out.

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Hi @dianeb,
Hopefully, by now you have got your Pixel 3A to behave properly?
If you could let the community know how you ‘fixed’ it or if you need additional help it would be great. The community knowledge allows other members (users) to better utilize their phones, as well as providing information to add to Republics Help articles.

It seems to be working most of the time. Sometimes the phone does not ring. I did all the steps posted.

The phone does not ring all the time still and frequently drops calls. I believe it is the phone and not Republic.

When the phone fails to ring, do you see a “missed call” notification, or only a “voicemail” notification?

When calls drop, if you call the person right back, are they even aware the call dropped, or did their phone stay in the call?

I noticed a voice mail, there was no notification I just saw the icon.

Yes the person was aware the call dropped. I don’t think they stayed in the call. I tried calling back and it gave some notice I was ut of range.

I believe you are experiencing a significant lack of cellular coverage with the SIM card in your new phone. Please contact our coverage team and request a CDMA SIM card:

If you’ll let them know that you’ve had CDMA SIM cards in your previous phones and and would like to have that kind of coverage again, that would be helpful, too.

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ok, the current sim card is from Amazon for Republic though.

Hi @dianeb,

There are multiple types of Republic SIM. The SIM you acquired at Amazon provides Republic GSM (T-Mobile network) coverage. The SIM @southpaw is suggesting you inquire about with Republic’s coverage team provides Republic CDMA (legacy Sprint network) coverage. It’s likely a CDMA SIM will improve your coverage experience.

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That would be super. I just got the one I was told to get. We are rural here.


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