Cell booster to work with my Moto E5 Play

Please provide info on what bands or frequencies are needed for a cell booster to work with my Moto E5 Play.

Republic uses 2 network partners, CDMA Sprint, or GSM Tmobile.
Both are very different networks and frequencies.
Cell boosters, i do not think are recommend for RW service, due to latency issues, but, may or may not help you, depending in your environment. They also are “not supported”.

RW is wifi first service, the main goal is to have and use wifi at your home over cell.

In the RW app, under Settings, About, SIM Type, what does it say? This will tell you waht cell network you are using.

If you are having cell coverage issues, please post your zip code as well and we can determine if perhaps the other cell partner would have better coverage in your area.

The Moto E5 Play with RW uses GSM T-Mobile.
Please answer my question -
What bands or frequencies are needed for a cell booster to work with my Moto E5 Play?

I live in a mountainous area of the southwest. I realize that there may be locations that have no usable reception, but much of my state has “marginal” reception that I’d like to improve with a booster, if possible.

From GSM Arena

  • Don’t forget, that not all towers will provide the same radio coverage, and the lower the frequency the longer the reach
  • You may want to use an app like Network Cell Info to determine what you are seeing in your area (RAW tab) and which way the tower is (Map tab) to help in the decision
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Did you reach out to moto with the same question?


Searching this forum, i find this link that was posted:

The ones that are any good, are pricey…you looking few to several hundred $, or above $1K.
Best mounted outside or in an attic etc, professional install maybe needed, and a licence/permit to install one may also bee required depending on your area and local city codes.

I have also read, that some networks reacquire authorization in order to work, meaning they have to contact the carrier that owns the tower, give info on the repeater, before it will be allowed to connect to the tower at all. This is becoming more of a requirement due to security.

Those cheapo, small, plug in the wall “Cell booster” boxes, you can find on amazon or ebay, are mostly junk and dont work well, from what I have read. But your experience will vary.

Fell free to come back here, and let us know what device you purchase and if it end up helping you.

But again, RW offers cell coverage with 2 partners, if GSM tmoible is not that good, the other may be better for you negating a need for a booster. The location you gave is too generic to tell, a zip code would be needed to input into the cdma coverage map.

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