Cell Configuration Failed--1 Gen Moto X

What phone do your friends have?
1 Gen Moto X

What plan are they on?
Refund plan

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
They’re using wifi & cell data right now while they’re in the US. When they’re in Africa, they use cell data.

Issue Description

About 3ish years ago, I have my friends my old 1 gen moto x, which worked perfect for them because for the majority of the time, they live in a foreign country. This gives them a cheap plan with a US number in Africa that they can also use in the US for the little time they are in the states. They’re in the US now, and they showed me their phone, which says “cell configuration failed. We tried to configure your device but failed. Tap Retry while connected to WiFi. Your phone will restart automatically when completed.”

I connected the phone to wifi, and clicked retry. It retried 5 times with not working.

Is there any solution for this?

Please ask your friends to give this a try:

Don’t overlook the link in step 4, it’s critical.

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Thanks. I’m about to do this. I just want to confirm that if I these steps are followed, no phone data will be erased?

Despite the scary messages, this is not a factory reset and nothing is erased from the phone. I suppose, I should rule out the obvious in that your friends have added cellular to their plan and updated the Republic app?


Great. They’ve added cellular to their plan; I’m not sure if the republic wireless app is updated. I’ll look into those things soon. Thanks for your help @rolandh.


Sweet! Updating the Republic Wireless app solved the problem. I didn’t have to do anything else.

@southpaw I don’t know if we’re still doing #kudo , but I really appreciate @rolandh’s fast response and help for my friends. They’re not always in the US, and I just want their time in the US to be the best before they go back to Africa. Having this problem fixed in a timely manner at the beginning of their trip is very much appreciated.


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