Cell configuration failed (Moto E, 2nd. gen)

Moto E (2nd gen) cell configuration failed. Recently re-activated phone for talk and text use ($10 plan) but the phone has failed to configure cellular capabilities. I’m on reliable WiFi and have made multiple restarts and attempts, but to no avail. For the exact error message, see below (did not have phone on airplane mode when trying to configure). My ticket has been posted for over 24hrs and has not been addressed. The RW ticket # is 1-1-6-6-7-1-8.

"Cell configuration failed

We tried to configure your device but failed. Tap Retry while connected to WiFi. Your phone will restart automatically when completed.

Help Later Retry"

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RESOLVED. Configuration was not completing because I was locked out of my backup email listed on my Motorola account information. I’m not sure why this matters for configuring cell coverage, but once I changed my back-up email on my account the configuration worked as it should and I now have talk and text.


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